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CTAG Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia


  • New European Technology to Improve Electric Vehicle Energy Efficiency
     A trans-European collaboration kicked off recently in Valencia aiming to develop a novel energy efficient climate control system to help reduce the energy used for passenger comfort in electric vehicles by at least 50 % http://ctag.com/nueva-tecnologia-europea-para-optimizar-el-consumo-de-energia-en-los-vehiculos-electricos/?lang=en
  • CTAG participates in the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2015
     CTAG will participate in the new edition of the Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2015, which will be held in Stuttgart from 16th to 18th June 2015. CTAG will be exhibiting in Hall 1, Booth 1552. http://ctag.com/en-junio-ctag-expone-en-la-automotive-testing-expo-2015-y-convoca-a-empresas-de-ceaga-para-participar-en-la-feria/?lang=en
  • CTAG collaborates with UVigo Motorsport on the development tests of the single-seater for Formula Student 2015
     The collaboration between CTAG and the group of the University of Vigo, UVigo Motorsport, has focused on the impact tests on a part of the single-seater. The results obtained comply with the regulations of the Formula Student.  http://ctag.com/ctag-colabora-con-uvigo-motorsport-en-los-ensayos-de-desarrollo-del-monoplaza-para-la-formula-student-2015/?lang=en
     At the tenth edition of the Barcelona International Motor Show Awards, CTAG, Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia, is one of the winning companies of the awards given to the best Innovations in Car Connectivity. http://ctag.com/ctag-premiado-por-su-investigacion-en-comunicacion-entre-vehiculos/?lang=en
  • CTAG leads FORTAPE, the new European Project
     The European consortium led by CTAG will develop new technologies to manufacture composite parts for the automobile and aeronautics sector.  http://ctag.com/ctag-leads-fortape-the-new-european-project/?lang=en