New materials

Advanced materials research and engineering play an important role in the development of new vehicle concepts looking for new material solutions showing high performance, weight reduction, cost-efficiency, safety, comfort and sustainability. From its early beginnings, CTAG works in the development of new materials with high value added and their transformation processes for its application in the automotive sector.

Strategic research and innovation lines:

  • Green Materials
  • Smart materials
  • Lightweight and high performance composites
  • New technologies for plastic processing
  • Transfer networks and Demo Labs
  • User Evaluation Panels for innovation testing

Main figures:

  • 17 patents & 2 pending
  • 20 collaborative projects (10 of them at EU level, 10 of them as coordinators)
  • 30 customer projects
  • International collaborations (9 automotive OEMs, 18 TIER1, EU excellence research institutes, research-intensive SMEs)
  • Deep Knowledge on the analysis and application of automotive regulations and standards.
  • Great experience in the development of new testing strategies and protocols adapted to new materials
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Reduced material cost
  • Materials from renewable resources
  • Potential use of local resources
  • Valorisation of waste and side streams
  • Contribution to circular economy
  • Similar mechanical performances
  • High value-added real natural aesthetic

Latest projects

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