CTAG publishes an article in the Vision Systems Design magazine

The Vision Systems Design magazine publishes the article “Triangulation-based 3D system measures axle diameters” written by Engineers of the Process Engineering Department at CTAG, Ángel Dacal-Nieto, Víctor Alonso and David Gómez: http://www.vision-systems.com/articles/print/volume-19/issue-9/features/triangulation-based-3d-system-measures-axle-diameters.html

This paper presents a machine vision system developed by CTAG, based on laser triangulation, which is used for an on-line measuring of the diameter of a cylindrical part. The system, which achieves a precision below 30μm, has been working for more than 5 years in an automotive supplier, monitoring 100% of the production. CTAG has developed the system, which joins machine vision, software development, robotics and automation of industrial processes.