CTAG will present its innovations in seats together with leading European experts

CTAG will participate in the Automotive Seating Innovations Summit, a conference that brings together leading experts in technology, design and construction of automotive seats.

It will present its latest R&D and innovation developments related to seats by Raquel Ledo and Damián González, who will present their experiences in the areas of intelligent materials and dynamic evaluation of seat comfort.

The Automotive Seating Innovations Summit, which is celebrating its third edition, will be held at the Leonardo Hotel Munich City East (Munich, Germany), on April 26 and 27, 2018. It will focus on the latest innovations in seat design and engineering from the perspective of construction and applied technologies. It will also focus on the new trends in seat manufacturing and the latest advances in the constant struggle between safety and comfort solutions. The impact of progress in materials manufacturing and light engineering will be analyzed. Finally, the contemporary concepts of interior seating design, the application of sensors and the new electronic compositions will be announced at the event.

For more information about the Automotive Seating Innovations Summit:


Proxecto cofinanciado polo Igape, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo d eDesenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020

CTAG visits Morocco to present its expertise

CTAG will participate for the first time in the Salon de la Sous-Traitance Automobile in Tangier (Morocco), next 25, 26 and 27 April to present its expertise and seek new business opportunities. This event is aimed at companies related to engineering, testing, logistics, components and spare parts of the automotive sector, among others, and it will bring together purchasing managers, technicians and managers.

The event is organized by the Association Marocaine pour l’Industrie et la Construction Automobile, with the collaboration of the Tanger Med Zone, Renault Maroc, Peugeot Citroën Automobile, Atlantic Free Zone et l’AIZFET. It will take place in Zone Franche de Tanger free Zone, la Ville Nouvelle, Cherafate, in front of the Renault factory.

You will be able to find us at booth 258, where we will be delighted to welcome you.

For more information about the Salon de la sous-traitance Automobile, please visit http://sous-traitance-automobile.com/

Proxecto cofinanciado polo Igape, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo d eDesenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020

CTAG organizes the 1st Disruptive Boot Camp of the European Project Connected Car

Impact Connected Car, 1st Disruptive Boot Camp. 23rd, 24th, 25th april 2018

<IMPACT> Connected Car is a European project which aims to support innovative SMEs focused on products and services for the Connected Car. CTAG participates in this project as technical coordinator and head of the Spanish Hub.

From Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 April 2018, the 1st Disruptive Bootcamp of the project will be held at CTAG, where the 25 SMEs selected after the first call for proposals will present their disruptive and innovative project related to the connected car in the areas of Safety, Vehicle Management, Mobility Management, Entertainment, Driver Assistance and Comfort.

Throughout these days, SMEs will have the opportunity to network and participate in various activities within the “Inspirational Sessions”. On the “Jury Day”, on Wednesday, their projects will be evaluated and the 15 best projects will go to the next acceleration phase, with the advice of PSA, Ferrovial Servicios, CTAG, Moveo, Insero, ISDI, FIA, FIWARE and FundingBox.


Jornada informativa sobre la Financiación de Cooperación Internacional

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El salón de actos de CTAG acogerá esta jornada titulada Convocatorias y actualización de procedimientos para la Financiación de Cooperación Internacional que se llevará a cabo el próximo 27 de abril.

ATIGA, alianza de los seis centros tecnológicos de referencia de Galicia, en colaboración con el CDTI, organizan esta jornada informativa con el objetivo de fomentar la participación de las empresas gallegas en las convocatorias internacionales abiertas en el año 2018 y gestionadas por CDTI.

Representantes del CDTI informarán sobre las convocatorias abiertas para 2018 centrándose en proyectos internacionales (EUREKA, IBEROEKA, BILATERALES, UNILATERALES, INNOGLOBAL). También se informará de las últimas novedades en las ayudas CDTI a nivel nacional y los cambios de procedimientos para la gestión y financiación de propuestas internacionales.

La jornada está dirigida a responsables directivos y técnicos de empresas y asociaciones con actividades de I+D+i internacional del tejido gallego de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación.

En caso de estar interesado en la revisión de la propuesta de proyecto, se debe enviar el FORMULARIO DE REUNIÓN cumplimentado antes del 25/04/2018.

Dado el número limitado de revisiones que podrán realizarse, se aconseja cumplimentar el formulario lo antes posible.

Para el formulario de reunión y confirmar la asistencia a la jornada, por favor envíe hasta el 25/04/2018 un correo electrónico a: gestion.innovacion@ctag.com

Consulte el programa de la jornada informativa.

Formulario para la solicitud.



CTAG participates in two events in China on ITS

Representatives of CTAG are visiting China these days to participate in the ITS Summit China – Europe on the latest advances in technology for connected and automated vehicles and meet the main actors of the Chinese automotive industry involved in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence, Big DATA and cloud computing, among other technologies.

Given the great transformation and modernization of the Chinese automobile industry, CTAG will visit Beijing and Shanghai, and will participate in a series of conferences and events within the frame of the development strategy Made in China 2025 promoted by the Chinese government. Among them is the ITS Summit China – Europe conference, on April 11th in Beijing, where CTAG will present its innovations in connectivity)

Another remarkable event is the International Intelligent & Connected Vehicle Innovation Summit 2018, which will be held on April 12-13 in Shanghai, where the trends, the mode of cooperation and the application of new technologies in the industry will be discussed. Chinese manufacturers will be present at the event, such as FAW, SAIC, Changan and BAIC, which are already immersed in strategies for the development of smart and connected vehicles in cooperation with major Chinese technology companies.


Proxecto cofinanciado polo Igape, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo d eDesenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020

Meeting at CTAG on 5GCAR: Fifth Generation Communication Automotive Research and innovation project

Ensayo en pista del proyecto 5GCAR
Ensayo en pista del proyecto 5GCAR


CTAG hosts a working meeting on this European Project focused on the use of 5G technology to achieve safer autonomous driving.

During the meeting, on March 21, 22 and 23, the first tests of 5GCAR are being carried out. This Horizon 2020 project, which is within the framework of the 5GPPP programme, started in June of 2017 lasting for 24 months. It has a global budget of 8 million euros.

The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • Developing a 5G global architecture that allows high robustness and low latency connectivity services for V2X safety applications.
  • Providing high precision 5G positioning solutions for vulnerable users and vehicles.
  • Demonstrating and validating the concepts developed, quantifying the benefits that 5G V2X technology can provide in both conventional and autonomous driving scenarios.

CTAG’s participation is focused on the implementation and integration in vehicles of coordination systems for lane joining manoeuvres, cooperative perception and protection of vulnerable users, highlighting their development in the areas of machine vision, data fusion algorithms and connectivity.

The 5G CAR Consortium, led by ERICSSON and made up of 14 companies and knowledge centres, both in the telecommunications sector and the automotive sector, includes the following organisations: ERICSSON, HUAWEI, NOKIA, ORANGE, PSA GROUP, VOLVO CARS, BOSCH, MARBEN, VISCODA, SEQUANS, Chalmers University of Technology, King’s College London, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya and CTAG.

More information in https://5gcar.eu/

CTAG will explain at JAI2018 its advances in BIG DATA technology

Jornadas de Automatización Industrial  JAI2018

CTAG will participate in the Industrial Automation Conferences (JAI2018) to show its innovations in the field of BIG DATA research, within the European project LICORNE (LIssage de COrdons Robotisé Novateur Expert).

LICORNE aims to optimise the application processes of body coatings, for which the sealing material is applied with a subsequent removal of the excess quantity (bead forming), in a way that always ensures the functionality of the application.

The project is led by PSA Groupe, with the participation of the following companies together with CTAG: Clemessy (France), working in the fields of robotics and machine vision; Ringler (Germany), offering solutions for the removal of excess material; and IS2M (France), which works in the field of materials to ensure properties that stabilize the process.

CTAG, which participates in the project in the field of BIG DATA, will explain at the conference the progress in the application of this technology. This system will inform the people in charge of the operation of the installation about the most suitable parameters, which allow the stability in the application of these coatings regardless of variations in the properties of the material, the process and the environmental parameters. It traces the information from the welding process to the bead forming process.

CTAG’s development also includes an information system for the monitoring, sharing and visualization of all collected data.

JAI2018 will take place at the Assembly Hall of the School of Industrial Engineering of Vigo (University Campus) from March 12th to 16th.

For more information about JAI2018 please visit http://jai2018.webs.uvigo.es/

CTAG will participate in the European Robotics Forum (ERF2018)

European Robotics Forum

CTAG will share its experience in the development of exoskeletons for the industry on March 14, in the session “Wearable robots in industry: moving out of the lab” organized by COST workshop on Wearable Robots.

The industrial exoskeleton is one of the research areas in the Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0 at CTAG, where tests with diverse prototypes are carried out with the objective of improving the conditions of the worker.

The process can be divided into four phases: solution identification, laboratory validation, pilot testing and in-line testing. CTAG has implemented this test process in assembly plants for four exoskeletons, with different applications for the back, shoulder and hand.

ERF is the most influential meeting of robotic community in Europe, which brings together researchers, engineers, managers, entrepreneurs and business personnel to discuss topics which have an immediate impact on the European robotics.

The event will take place on 13, 14 and 15 March in Tampere (Finland).

More information about ERF2018 in:


CTAG participates in the JEC World 2018

JEC World 2018, 6,7 y 8 de marzo.

JEC World is the most important event in Europe concerning composites, where exhibitors will present innovations in different sectors such as the automobile, aerospace, building, civil engineering industry, etc.

It will be held at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center from 6 to 8 March.

CTAG – New Materials Group will be presenting their latest R+D projects, AEROCAR and BIOTECFOR.

Within the fairgrounds you can find us in Hall 6, Stand J88, where we will be pleased to receive you.

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For more information about AEROCAR please visit


DINAK presentará en CTAG los resultados de Proyecto Consorciado de I+D: COMICON

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30 enero 2018, 11:00h

Instalaciones de CTAG (Polígono Industrial A Granxa, Calle A, parcelas 249-250, E-36400 Porriño (Pontevedra))

Nuevos sistemas de evacuación de humos de combustión con minimización de la corrosión por presencia de condensados de nuevos combustibles y biomasa – COMICON

En el proyecto COMICON convergen diferentes sectores que han encontrado una problemática común: la corrosión generada por la presencia de condensados en sistemas de evacuación de humos de combustión. Esto implica la necesidad de obtener tecnologías más duraderas y resistentes a la corrosión generada por el empleo de diferentes combustibles cada vez más empleados en los sectores de energía y automoción, tales como biomasas y biodiesel, fuel de baja calidad y combustibles adulterados. El principal objetivo del proyecto COMICON es desarrollar nuevos productos frente a la corrosión generada por los humos de combustión con el fin de aumentar la vida útil de los sistemas de evacuación de gases, en condiciones de alta eficiencia.

Durante esta jornada, que se celebrará en las instalaciones de CTAG el día 30 de enero a las 11:00h, se presentarán los principales resultados obtenidos en el proyecto: Desarrollo módulo visualización para determinación de punto de rocío, generación y recogida de condensados en planta piloto, nueva gama de chimenea modular que reduce al mínimo la posibilidad de acumulación de condensados y mayor resistencia a corrosión, y nueva caldera de biomasa más compacta y modular, con alta eficiencia y durabilidad, y con un diseño que minimiza la aparición de condensados corrosivos.

El consorcio COMICON está formado por tres empresas, donde DINAK es el líder del proyecto, y otros dos referentes a nivel internacional en sus respectivos sectores: MECANIZADOS CASTRO y BORGWARNER. Además, cuentan con el apoyo del Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG), del Centro Tecnológico AIMEN y la Universidad de Vigo, que cuentan con gran experiencia en I+D.

Mecanizados Castro Galicia

Este proyecto está subvencionado por la Axencia Galega de Innovación, ha sido apoyado por la Consellería de Economía, Emprego e Industria y cuenta con financiación FEDER, OT1 “Promover el desarrollo tecnológico, la innovación y una investigación de calidad”, P.O. FEDER Galicia 2014-2020.

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