Presentación de la II Edición High Tech Auto en CTAG

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Presentación de la II Edición High Tech Auto en CTAGHigh Tech Auto es una incubadora especializada en el sector automoción. Su objetivo es captar proyectos e ideas con el objetivo de convertirlas en empresas viables. La HTA supone una oportunidad exclusiva para poner en marcha tu idea de proyecto de emprendimiento y conocer a empresas y agentes de la automoción de Galicia.

Desde CTAG te invitamos al evento online de presentación, que se celebrará el próximo martes 13 de abril a las 10:00, en el que podrás conocer los detalles de la incubadora y cómo apoyamos a los proyectos para hacerlos realidad.

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Apply for EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator programme batch #2!

Innovative mobility startups needed; Improve our transport & traffic system! Apply now for the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator programme batch #2! EIT Urban MobilityThe EIT Urban Mobility has recently launched the startup Accelerator programme batch #2 looking for early-stage startups with revolutionary solutions to change urban travel patterns or to solve other pressing problems in the mobility area.

The EIT UM is looking for innovative startups with game changing ideas in the mobility sector: lower emissions, reduce congestion or make commuting more efficient – every idea that increases peoples’ quality of live and decreases the emission of greenhouse gases is welcome!

CTAG, as core member of the EIT Urban Mobility initiative, coordinates the mentoring service of the Innovation Hub South aiming to support selected start-ups in the upcoming Months.


  • Receive € 15,000 in equity-free funding for your startup.
  • 6-month acceleration programme with mentoring, coaching and contacts to customers & investors.
  • 6-month office / co-working space (in select locations).
  • Direct access to “living labs” and cities for the creation of new products and services.

Information & application on

Deadline: 15 Nov 2020


Webinar Bioeconomía Forestal: productos y aplicaciones de base forestal

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El 4 de noviembre, a las 15:30 h, tendrá lugar el webinar BIOECONOMÍA FORESTAL: productos y aplicaciones de base forestal.

Empresas del sector automovilístico, textil y forestal van a presentar los productos innovadores desarrollados a partir de materias primas forestales.

El evento se integra en el proyecto BIOTECFOR ( que busca fomentar el uso de recursos forestales para el desarrollo de nuevos productos y aplicaciones, promoviendo la bioeconomía circular.

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Webinar “Proyecto MAINGAP: tecnologías 4.0 en los sectores Automoción y Aeronáutico”

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El Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG) les invita a participar en el Webinar “Tecnologías 4.0 en los sectores Automoción y Aeronáutico” del proyecto MAINGAP, proyecto cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) a través del Programa Interreg V-A España-Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020, que se celebrará el próximo 5 de octubre de 2020 a las 11:00 horas.

Durante la jornada se realizará una breve presentación del proyecto MAINGAP “Manufactura Innovadora en la Eurorregión Galicia-Norte de Portugal” cuyo objetivo principal es acelerar la implantación de soluciones tecnológicas punteras que respondan a los grandes desafíos que supone avanzar hacia la Industria 4.0 en la Eurorregión. MAINGAP toma como punto de partida el Sector Automoción y el Sector Aeronáutico, y busca favorecer la hibridación sectorial y tecnológica.

Concretamente, CTAG presentará soluciones tecnológicas relacionadas con la implantación de exoesqueletos en la industria, robótica colaborativa y virtualización de los procesos logísticos, con la colaboración de RobotPlus y FlexSim.

Por último, se explicará cómo se articulará la participación de las empresas, que podrán testear y validar las tecnologías desarrolladas en el marco del proyecto a través de experiencias piloto.

CTAG lidera este proyecto de transferencia y valorización de tecnologías 4.0 a pymes innovadoras de la Eurorregión, en colaboración con la Agencia Gallega de Innovación (GAIN), el Centro de Innovación e Servizos da Tecnoloxía e o Deseño (CIS-Tecnoloxía e Deseño), el Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento (CEIIA) y la Universidade do Minho.

Las inscripciones deberán formalizarse enviando un correo electrónico a la siguiente dirección  antes del 02/10/2020.

Consulta el programa del webinar en el siguiente enlace.

Interreg España - Portugar - Feder

CTAG collaborates in the virtual edition of the largest international conference on wearable robotics


The 5th International Symposium on Wearable Robotics and WearRAcon Europe will be held through a revolutionary virtual platform from October 13 to 16, 2020.

Researchers, experts, manufacturers and end users from all over the world will be able to meet one more year to share their latest innovations and participate in workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions in a different way.

The event consists of two congresses in parallel, the International Symposium on Wearable Robotics and WearRAcon Europe, with an industrial focus, and the International Conference on Neurorehabilitation, with a medical focus. The organising committee, in which CSIC, CTAG, WEARRACON EUROPE, NRG and AbilityLab participate, considers that in such an exceptional situation as the one we are experiencing, in which technology plays a crucial role, it is important to enhance the reach of this type of events and keep the debate around scientific and technological advances open, in this case in the field of robotics and neuroscience and their application in the medical and industrial sectors.

In addition, the event will feature a specific conference on the automotive sector which will take place at CTAG. This edition aims to give greater emphasis and presence to the automotive sector, reinforcing the impact on Industry 4.0, promoting processes automation and reinforcing the technology that facilitates ergonomics in the workplace.

If you are interested in participating in the event, you will find more information in this presentation.

Important dates:
Papers submission – up to 14 August
Notification to authors  – 14 September
Authors registration deadline and early registration – 30 September

For more information about the congresses please visit the following links:

International Symposium On Wearable Robotics And Wearracon Europe –

International Conference on neurorehabilitation –

More than 1,500 researchers from CTAG and TECNALIA will work together on the mobility of the future

TECNALIA inspiring business & CTAG

The two leading technology centres in Spain have reached an agreement to offer their joint expertise and face the challenges of advanced manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and robotics in the mobility  sector. These are the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG) and the research and technological development centre TECNALIA, which have sealed their collaboration with the virtually formalised signature of an agreement between Óscar Fernández Besteiro, president of CTAG, and Emiliano López Atxurra, president of TECNALIA.

The objective of the collaboration in which more than 1,500 researchers from both centres will work together, is to propose comprehensive services to complement the offer and capacities of the companies in the sector. To do so, CTAG and TECNALIA will offer companies new solutions and results through R&D and Innovation projects in the fields of mobility and advanced manufacturing, as well as activities that foster the creation of new technology-based companies. They will also be able to share the state-of-the-art facilities at each centre and move forward together in the provision of advanced services.

It is worth highlighting the following initiatives: first of all, as a result of the knowledge and experience of both centres in the field of robotics and exoskeletons, new solutions to improve the ergonomic conditions of operators will be developed. Secondly, new developments for the automation of special vehicles in different environments, such as ports, airports and industrial estates will be enhanced. They will also implement a joint strategy for the development of the electric car and its components, among others.

Furthermore, through this collaboration, both organisations will strengthen and increase their talent volume in areas of specialisation, such as the automotive industry, manufacturing or digitalisation, becoming a national and European benchmark in these areas.

For further information please download the press release about the agreement.

CTAG resumes on-site activities

After the adoption of new preventive measures, CTAG reopens its doors to resume on-site activities in laboratories and on test track. We will continue to be available for our collaborators and clients, offering the best possible service in these circumstances.

At CTAG we continue to follow the evolution of the situation, adopting the appropriate measures with the aim of resuming the normal activity of the Center as soon as possible. The new preventive measures, without prejudice to the possible extensions that could be determined according to the evolution and the recommendations of the health authorities and of different administrations, are liable to be modified based on the new scenarios that may be determined within the next hours or days.

CTAG will spare no effort to collaborate in this situation and protect the health of its staff, collaborators and clients.

All the divisions of the Center are operational on the premises or working from home, and at your disposal for any question you may have.

We send you our best wishes. | 986 900 300



At CTAG we continue to adopt all the preventive measures recommended by the health authorities for the protection of our staff, collaborators and clients.

During the health emergency declared at the beginning of March, CTAG launched a prevention plan for the containment of COVID19 which is being adapted to cope with an exceptional and highly changing situation.

Following the entry into force of RD 10/2020 of March 29 on the new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the prohibition in Spain to perform any non-essential activities with effect from 03/30, CTAG has suspended the activities that require physical presence of personnel at its facilities until further notice. We will continue to follow the evolution of the situation, adopting the appropriate measures with the aim of resuming the normal activity of the Centre as soon as possible.

Much of CTAG’s staff is operational working from home, offering the best possible service in these circumstances and collaborating with our clients.

Finally, from CTAG we would like to thank our staff for the enormous efforts deployed during these days, the efficiency in the management of the emergency and the collaboration in various solidarity initiatives aimed at the fight against the coronavirus, such as the production of personal protective equipment, mechanical ventilators and splitters.

We are at your disposal for any question you may have and we send you our best wishes. | 986 900 300


MAINGAP European Project kick-off meeting

Reunión lanzamiento primeras actividades del Proyecto Europeo MAINGAP The MAINGAP project, “Innovative Manufacturing in the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion”, is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg V-A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020 Programme. The main objective of this project is to accelerate the implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions that respond to the great challenges of moving towards Industry 4.0 in the Euroregion, taking as a starting point the Automotive and the Aeronautical sectors, but with a multi-sector approach.

CTAG coordinates this project of transfer and valorisation of 4.0 technologies to innovative SMEs of the Euroregion, in collaboration with the Agencia Gallega de Innovación – CIS Tecnoloxía de Deseño (Galician Innovation Agency – Centre for Innovation and Services of Technology and Design), the Centro de Engenharia e Desenvolvimento, CEIIA (Centre of Engineering and Development) and the University of Minho.

During the meeting held today at CTAG, the partners involved announced the progress of the developments of the nine technological solutions that will be carried out in the project, which by applying the principles of Factory 4.0 aim to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of companies. The solutions will be validated through demonstrators with innovative companies in the Euroregion and cover key technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, additive manufacturing, digital manufacturing, flexible production systems, exoskeletons and collaborative robotics.

In order to inform the companies in the Euroregion and other interested agents about the project, an open event will be held in the coming months, in which the technological developments will be presented and the way the companies will participate will be explained.

Interreg España - Portugar - Feder

CTAG provides two autonomous driving demonstrations in Versailles

Representación de CTAg que realiza las pruebas de conducción autónomaNext Thursday, February 6, AUTOPILOT’s Final Event will be held in Versailles, France, at mobiLAB and PSA Motorsports. The AUTOPILOT project explores and evaluates the contribution of new communication technologies, such as IoT (Internet of Things) or V2X (Vehicle to Everything), at the service of autonomous driving. This three-year research project is funded by the Horizon 2020 program (GA 731993) and developed in five European cities, including Vigo, and in a South Korean city. The Spanish part of the consortium is led by CTAG with the collaboration of Groupe PSA and Vigo City Council.

CTAG will provided two demonstrations on the VEDECOM test track of the use cases developed in Vigo with the AUTOPILOT I vehicle: Automated Valet Parking and Urban Driving, (the first tests of autonomous driving in urban environment performed in Spain, presented together with Groupe PSA and Vigo City Council last July).

In addition, Diego Bernárdez, Head of Connectivity and HMI at CTAG, will participate in the closing session of the results presentation.

For more information about the full programme, please visit:

For more information about AUTOPILOT please visit: