CTAG present at the European Robotics Forum (ERF2019)

European Robotics Forum 2019

CTAG present at the European Robotics Forum (ERF2019)

Representatives of CTAG visit Bucharest these days to participate in the European Robotics Forum. This is the most influential meeting of the robotic community in Europe, which brings together researchers, engineers, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the sector to discuss current issues in European robotics. Specialists from more than 40 countries attend this year’s edition, with a special focus on innovation strategies and on the future impact of robotics in the world.

The industrial exoskeleton is one of the research areas in the Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0 at CTAG, where tests with diverse prototypes are carried out with the objective of improving the conditions of the worker in industrial plants.

The process can be divided into four phases: solution identification, laboratory validation, pilot testing and in-line testing. CTAG has implemented this test process in assembly plants for four exoskeletons, with different applications for the back, shoulder and hand. One of these projects has recently been awarded, together with Groupe PSA, recognising the work of both organisations in the development and implementation of a methodology that allows the validation of exoskeletons as support systems for industrial production line workers.

The event is held on March 20, 21 and 22 in Bucharest (Romania).

For more information about ERF2019 please visit https://www.eu-robotics.net/robotics_forum/

Proxecto cofinanciado polo IGAPE, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo de Desenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020.


CTAG returns to Israel to delve into its Start-ups ecosystem

CTAG visits Tel Aviv again, one of the most powerful innovation centers in the world, with the aim of identifying new opportunities for the Galician automotive industry around the mobility of the future and Industry 4.0.

The visit has highlighted the interest in activities focused on autonomous driving, driving assistance and improving productivity in industrial plants, allowing to see first-hand how the start-up methodology is applied in these fields.

In addition, it has allowed to search for new technologies and products and to get in contact with companies set up in Israel in order to establish possible collaborations, for which common areas of interest, such as product and process design or electronic integration have been identified. The objective is to lay the foundations for possible collaborations in CTAG’s activities and to study, together with possible partners, the execution of European projects.

This trip is also useful to consolidate the commercial and institutional relations in Israel, since the visit gives continuity to previous expeditions in which CTAG participated together with Galician organisations and companies from different sectors.


CTAG awarded together with PSA in the IV Edition of Innovation and Health Awards

Operario 4.0 realizando una operación con un exoesqueleto en las instalaciones Process Lab 4.0 de CTAG

This award recognises the work of both organisations in the development and implementation of a methodology that allows the validation of exoskeletons as support systems for industrial production line workers.

The Innovation and Health Awards, granted by Mutua Universal, are intended to reward the work of those companies that are highly committed to health promotion and that have carried out innovative projects or actions that represent an improvement in the quality of life and in the health of workers, beyond the compliance with labour risk prevention regulations.

In its fourth edition, one of the Institutional Awards of the Innovation and Health Awards has been given to the collaboration between Groupe PSA and the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG). This recognition highlights the work carried out by these organisations in the development and implementation of the methodology that allows the validation of exoskeletons as support systems for industrial production line workers, which contribute to the preservation of their health and wellbeing by making the company a better and safer space.

Groupe PSA has contributed its experience in the online manufacturing process and ergonomic improvements. For their part, the experts in exoskeletons of CTAG’s Processes and Materials Division have analyzed the adequacy and efficiency in the processes, developing an exoskeleton evaluation methodology that allows to determine which complementary physical assistance device adapts to a specific workplace, establishing if such device helps effectively in the task so that, based on the results, its use is recommended or not in a definitive way.


Groupe PSA y CTAG colaboran en el proyecto Factoría 4.0 de Automoción

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Instalaciones Process Lab 4.0

El proyecto, liderado por Groupe PSA, tiene tres objetivos principales: responder a los desafíos de la Industria 4.0 con un I+D+i enfocado al diseño de procesos para la fábrica del futuro (virtual, ágil, conectada y respetuosa con el medio ambiente); diseñar y desarrollar productos y sistemas para el vehículo del futuro (autónomo, conectado, limpio, atractivo y asequible); y validar estos nuevos procesos y productos. Este proyecto servirá además como palanca de mejora para reforzar la competitividad del Sector de Automoción de Galicia en los próximos años.

Desde septiembre de 2016, fecha de arranque del proyecto, se han realizado diversos trabajos de investigación industrial y desarrollo experimental, entre los que destacan la implementación de tecnologías 4.0 tales como el uso de Big Data en entornos productivos, el control de calidad automático por visión artificial o la integración de exoesqueletos como ayuda en la mejora de la ergonomía de los puestos de trabajo. También destacan los resultados en la aplicación de conectividad a la conducción autónoma, con validación en un simulador virtual y en vehículos automatizados.

El proyecto Factoría 4.0 de Automoción tiene una duración de 62 meses y está cofinanciado por la  Axencia Galega de Innovación – Consellería de Economía, Emprego e Industria de la Xunta de Galicia (expediente IN854A 2016/01)

F4.0 de Automoción
“Factoría 4.0 de Automoción a través de I+D en producto/proceso”
IN852A 2016/1
FACTORIA 4.0 de Automoción a través de I+D en Producto/Proceso
Este proyecto ha sido subvencionado por la Agencia Gallega de Innovación y cuenta con el apoyo de la Consellería de Economía, Emprego e industria
logotipos de Consellería de Economía, Emprego e industria y Agencia Gallega de Innovación

CTAG presents its capabilities for Industry 4.0 at Salon Industries du Futur

Representatives of CTAG visit these days Mulhouse, France to participate in Salon Industries du Futur. It is an event aimed at European experts in Industry 4.0, which serves as a meeting point for exhibitions, conferences and meetings.

CTAG has a stand (0-14) where you can learn about its sustainable and efficient production lines for the Factory of the Future 4.0, connectivity for predictive and proactive processes, flexible logistics and assistance to operators using exoskeletons and wearables. You will also be able to learn about the lines of research in new materials developed at CTAG and see some of the prototypes manufactured in this department.

Proxecto cofinanciado polo Igape, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo d eDesenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020