Style and HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Style, aesthetics and harmony of shape are key to the sale of automobiles and other products. CTAG has the expert team and all the necessary tools to create from concepts products that appeal to people.

HMI concept, development, evaluation, prototyping and integration. Test & validation in vehicle.
  • HMI concept development and evaluation
  • Concept, prototyping and HMI integration
  • Test & validation: in-vehicle validation technology and study of the user’s behaviour in the Dynamic Driving Simulator, test tracks and road tests.
Ergonomics tries to adapt work, systems, products or environments to the mental and physical abilities of people. This laboratory is able to reach R&D and Innovation solutions to:
  • Upgrade ergonomic performances of processes and products.
  • Improve the health conditions of workers.
The laboratory is manned by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in engineering, ergonomics, psychology, physiotherapy and biomechanics. It is equipped with the most advanced technologies to meet the needs of several sectors (industrial, services, administrations…).
ergonomia proceso