CTAG will present its innovations in seats together with leading European experts

CTAG will participate in the Automotive Seating Innovations Summit, a conference that brings together leading experts in technology, design and construction of automotive seats.

It will present its latest R&D and innovation developments related to seats by Raquel Ledo and Damián González, who will present their experiences in the areas of intelligent materials and dynamic evaluation of seat comfort.

The Automotive Seating Innovations Summit, which is celebrating its third edition, will be held at the Leonardo Hotel Munich City East (Munich, Germany), on April 26 and 27, 2018. It will focus on the latest innovations in seat design and engineering from the perspective of construction and applied technologies. It will also focus on the new trends in seat manufacturing and the latest advances in the constant struggle between safety and comfort solutions. The impact of progress in materials manufacturing and light engineering will be analyzed. Finally, the contemporary concepts of interior seating design, the application of sensors and the new electronic compositions will be announced at the event.

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