CTAG resumes on-site activities

After the adoption of new preventive measures, CTAG reopens its doors to resume on-site activities in laboratories and on test track. We will continue to be available for our collaborators and clients, offering the best possible service in these circumstances.

At CTAG we continue to follow the evolution of the situation, adopting the appropriate measures with the aim of resuming the normal activity of the Center as soon as possible. The new preventive measures, without prejudice to the possible extensions that could be determined according to the evolution and the recommendations of the health authorities and of different administrations, are liable to be modified based on the new scenarios that may be determined within the next hours or days.

CTAG will spare no effort to collaborate in this situation and protect the health of its staff, collaborators and clients.

All the divisions of the Center are operational on the premises or working from home, and at your disposal for any question you may have.

We send you our best wishes.

ctag@ctag.com | 986 900 300