CTAG visits the leading automotive manufacturers in China

Participantes en la visita a las instalaciones de BAIC en Beijing

Representatives of CTAG have visited China in a direct mission coordinated from IGAPE. The objective of this mission has been to verify the development of the automotive sector and establish direct contact with the leading automotive manufacturers in the Asian country.

To do this, they visited the main automotive manufacturers, such as BAIC (Beijing), JAC (Hefei), Geely (Guangzhou) and SAIC (Shanghai). Working meetings were also held with CATARC, automobile test center of reference in China.

During this trip, it has also been possible to contrast the high degree of progress and implementation of electric mobility in China and the increasing quality of vehicles being manufactured in this country. In addition, the mission has been useful to present the capabilities of the Galician industry to potential Chinese collaborators.

Puerto de Vigo and Grupo Breogán have participated in this mission together with CTAG, and IGAPE


Proxecto cofinanciado polo Igape, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo d eDesenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020