European Project DESERVE, in which CTAG collaborates, approaches culmination


Over 25 partners from throughout Europe, 3 years and 8 subprojects are the figures of DESERVE, whose main aim has been to facilitate the future development of ADAS Systems.

After almost three years’ work, the European Project DESERVE (Development platform for Safe and Efficient dRiVE) approaches its end within the initially previewed timeline. From its start in September 2012, DESERVE has aimed at the design and implementation of an ARTEMIS tool platform based on the standardization of interfaces, software re-use and a common developing methodology, which allows the safe integration of standardized hardware or software from different OEMs.

The project has involved the participation of over 25 partners and is divided among 8 subprojects. During this time, CTAG has collaborated in different work packages in 5 of these subprojects (in some of them the collaboration is still open), and led the work group devoted to work package 4.3, consisting in the development of functions for the detection and protection of vulnerable road users.

With just a few months ahead until the end of the project, most of the objectives have been covered. Those entities participating in the project have defined a common architecture which holds those ADAS functions either already developed or yet to be developed in future. The aforementioned architecture organizes in different layers the information reception from sensors and cooperative systems, the ADAS functions’ operations and the control over actuators and driver interfaces. Furthermore, a hardware platform for the development of ADAS systems through their successive stages has been defined and based upon the intertwined activity of a PC used in high level, an embedded controller and a FPGA.

This project has been co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

Aquitectura hardware Deserve
Generic hardware architecture for development within DESERVE project

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