Fatigue and durability

The most common tests carried out in this laboratory are:

  • Fatigue and durability tests on any type of component or part under room temperature or under controlled climatic conditions
  • Regulatory tests (ECE 11, ECE 14 and ECE 17)
  • Impact and intrusion tests
  • Alternative pressure fatigue tests
  • Mechanical characterisation tests, fracture strength test, etc.
  • The laboratory has different accreditations (OEMs and ENAC ISO 17025)


  • Servo hydraulic test benches:
    • Simultaneous operation of up to 16 cylinders
    • Control by load or displacement
    • Any type of cyclic tests (sine, square, triangular) or characterisation tests
    • The cylinders reach velocities of up to 1,6 m/s and forces of 50 kN
    • Multi-axis testing and time signal reproduction with RPC
  • Specific benches for regulatory tests ECE 11, ECE 14, ECE 17
  • Pneumatic test benches:
    • Specific benches for door testing (slam test) and pedal testing
  • Fatigue tests under climatic conditions (suitable for testing any type of plastic component)
  • Possibility to build specific benches to adapt them to any type of part or test
  • Instrumentation with strain gauges
Fatigue and durability test

Fatigue and durability test