Examples of work carried out in this laboratory:

  • Temperature and humidity cycle tests on isolated component, subsystems or full vehicle, combined with radiation and reproduction of the effects of external agents.
  • Solar radiation tests combined with temperature, humidity, fatigue, etc.
  • Salt mist tests (with continuous spraying or cyclic with temperature and humidity control).
  • Light ageing tests (Weather-Ometer).
  • Ozone resistance tests in order to study the degradation or crocodiling of plastics and rubbers.
  • Thermal impact tests with sharp temperature changes on components.
  • Tests combined with vibration ageing.
  • Durability tests under weather conditions.
  • Environmental uniformity and stability studies under temperature, humidity and radiation.
  • Collaboration on new materials development projects for the automobile sector, studies on different sources of infrared radiation…

Main equipment:

  • Full vehicle climatic chamber with solar radiation system.
  • Climatic chambers combined with shakers.
  • Thermal impact chamber. It allows for automatic sharp temperature changes on components.
  • Climatic chamber with solar radiation simulation according to DIN 75220.
  • Salt mist chamber for corrosion tests combined with humidity.
  • Ozone resistance chamber. Tests are carried out on rubber and plastics alterable by this gas in order to study their degradation or crocodiling.
  • Chamber for testing resistance to light and weather conditions – Weather-Ometer- where accelerated ageing is achieved by sunlight exposure.
  • Other equipments: small climatic chambers, stoves, freezer with forced air circulation…
Climatic tests