Engine laboratory

This laboratory offers the following services:
  • Emissions and power curve analysis
  • Durability tests on engine and/or its components
  • Fluid dynamic tests
  • Engine components validations
  • Measurement in customer engine test cells with portable data acquisition equipment
  • Treatment and analysis of data acquired in engine test cells (time signal analysis, frequency analysis, order analysis, fatigue calculation …)
  • Design and building of testing equipment in accordance with customer specifications

Main equipment

  • Engine test bench: controlled dyno brake to reproduce normal duty engine charges
    • Maximum power: 190 kW (250 hp)
    • Diesel or petrol engines
  • Gas analyser: Horiba Mexa 7170 5 gases (CO, C02, O2, THC, y NOx)
  • Instrumentation tools for engines (temperature, pressure, strain gauges, etc.)
  • Data acquisition system for temperature, pressure, air flow, water flow, combustible consumption, etc.
  • Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS): Sensors Semtech LDV, for the measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, PN, exhaust gas flow, fuel consumption, etc. in real driving conditions
Engine laboratory