Launcher – pendulum – drop tower

MTS hydraulic universal launcher

It allows the launching of anthropomorphic forms in free flight in order to perform impact tests on components.
  • Impactors following standards (FMVSS 201, maxilla, hemisphere, …) and following customer needs (pelvis, abdomen, head…)
  • Capacity: 36 kg @ 68 km/h

SAE pendulum

Designed to carry out impact tests on vehicle seats and interior components, such as ECER17 (accredited ENAC 17025), ECER21 and ECER25.

Drop tower

It allows the impact of different elements on components by the acceleration of gravity. Technical characteristics:
  • Maximum height: 4 m
  • Distance between pillars: 1m
  • Weight range: from 1.4 kg to 800 kg
Launcher – pendulum – drop tower