Presentation of innovative projects in PSA Booster Day

Gilles Le Borgne y Yann Vincent, junto a otros directivos, comprueban el sistema de robótica colaborativa desarrollado por CTAG

Booster Day is an event organised to present innovative solutions for the Factory of the Future. The event, held last September 20th at the Armand Peugeot Forum in Poissy, France, brought together leading technology partners of Groupe PSA, from start-ups and R&D laboratories, to suppliers and public organisations.

CTAG has participated for the first time this year presenting its latest advances in quality control using collaborative robotics, with a system that will help to perfect the assembly and welding of components. This system, made up of a robot with 3D sensor and analysis software, can analyse the conformity of parts. It has been designed following the guidelines of Industry 4.0, so it is considered as a portable and flexible solution that will speed up communication with the operator.

Some of Groupe PSA’s innovation leaders such as Gilles Le Borgne (Quality and Engineering Director) and Yann Vincent (Industrial Director) were able to test this system personally.