On-site engineering

One of CTAG’s teams is dedicated to technical engineering assistance for products and processes at the customer’s production plant.

CTAG works with customers in areas such as interior and exterior vehicle equipment, structure and closures, stamping, welding, assembly and logistic processes, offering services from the product design and process, to improvement in product life.


  • Project management
  • Design, simultaneous engineering, calculation and validation of product improvements (test and prototype design following customer’s specifications)
  • Analysis and management of technical cost savings
  • Management of product improvements
  • Suppliers follow-up


  • Management of installations set-up
  • Project management, follow-up and control
  • Process and tools definition
  • Functional-geometrical control (isostatism, equipment design)
  • Productivity according to Methods-Time Measurement standards
  • Implementation and management of logistic shopstock
  • Definition and optimisation of logistic flows and specific equipment