Calculation and simulation

The use of numerical simulation in early design stages reduces development time and costs.

CTAG provides virtual assessment through linear, non-linear and specific calculation tools for component and system behaviour under various static and dynamic stresses.

In addition, CTAG’s calculation team carries out fluid dynamic, thermal and vibration studies, providing customers with a complete analysis of component behaviour before starting prototype manufacturing and validation testing.

Functions of simulation

Functions of simulation
Calculation types Common applications
– Structural resistance calculation
– Vibratory analysis
– Thermomechanic interaction
– Non linear materials
– Composite materials
CRASH – Analysis of high-speed impact effects
CFD – Fluid determination
– Thermal behaviour
– Load loss
– Aerodynamic
KINEMATICS – Mechanism simulation

CTAG also carries out MOLDFLOW rheological simulations of the injection process at different stages of plastic component development. These simulations serve to:

  • Optimise and adapt the design to the injection manufacturing process
  • Define and position runners
  • Optimise process parameters, fill up and compaction profiles…
  • Simulate and improve mould cooling design
  • Evaluate and identify potential process issues