Booster Manufacturing Lab

Laboratory for POC realisation of innovative Factory of the Future processes

Booster Manufacturing Lab

Booster Manufacturing Lab is CTAG's laboratory for the development of new technologies and applications for Industry 5.0. It researches, develops and verifies new concepts of industrialisation and digitalisation, using the most advanced technologies and techniques.

The Booster Manufacturing Lab allows robotised manufacturing processes to be tested in motion, both for components and complete vehicles. It has an adjustable speed pilot line with two complete vehicle stations, equipped with traditional and collaborative robots, machine vision systems and mobile robotics, allowing all kinds of industrial processes to be tested under real conditions.

In these facilities, a team of specialists in simulation and process programming works on 5 strategic lines: advanced robotisation, quality control systems, advanced logistics, physical and cognitive assistance and digitalisation and Big Data.

The Booster Manufacturing Lab is prepared for the development of R&D and innovation activities for the Factory of the Future: a virtual, agile, connected and sustainable factory.

The following are the main activities carried out at the Booster Manufacturing Lab

Advanced Robotics
Development of new automation and robotisation technologies, both stationary and in motion.
Work on the integration of new developments in a production line. Adaptable handling systems for the objects on which they work.
Development of Quality Control Systems and AI
Equipment and experience with technologies such as machine vision or Thz, for detection and quality control in different topics.
Automated Logistics Developments
Development of technologies for the automation of logistics. Research and testing of new logistics models, their iteration with the digital twin and the use of artificial intelligence techniques.
HiL (human in the loop) for Manufacturing (Physical and Cognitive Assistance)
Different solutions are prepared for testing in real processes. Testing of exoskeletons allows the developers of these systems to validate and adjust their designs to the industrial environment. Development of metrics and validation scenarios for these types of systems in industry.
We also develop ad hoc applications of wearables for operator assistance. Research is also being carried out into the adaptation of people to this type of system and how to optimise the transmission of information.

These facilities are available for the development and maturation of R&D technology projects. The Booster Manufacturing Lab offers companies the possibility of testing their technological developments in an industrial environment to assess their impact on a real production process.

CTAG is a member of the Get2Excel network of excellence.