Hyperflexible and Sustainable Factory

Turnkey solutions for increasingly customised manufacturing and optimal response to change

Our aim is to optimise productivity

We develop new solutions using different robotisation techniques, providing greater flexibility and automation to manufacturing processes.

We work on advanced logistics concepts such as AGVs to achieve more precise, tighter and space-efficient applications. Additionally, we design and set up control systems that guarantee production quality.

We have the means to develop automated industrial prototypes, supported by Digital Twin models, with the aim of optimising process productivity.

Process engineering
Robotics and automation
Smart logistics
Machine vision
  • Offline programming and virtual implementation
  • Finishing
    • Machining, polishing and brushing with collaborative robots
    • Chromed, painted and bodywork parts
  • Machine vision
    • Surface inspection (painted and stamped parts)
    • Conformity control
  • Smart logistics
    • Binpicking and collaborative grippers
    • Operations in motion
  • Advance manufacturing
    • Adaptive tools
    • Labelling tools