Injection Lab

Industrial facility for the development and optimisation of advanced processes

Injection lab

Our injection moulding laboratory is equipped with standard machinery, so we can replicate the industrial conditions of our clients and carry out mould tests for their set-up. We can produce batches of parts in final material, using our clients’ moulds or our own moulds for testing.

In addition, we have versatile auxiliary equipment that allows us to control the process and develop innovative solutions before their implementation at the client's facilities.

Our equipment

  • Tie-bar-less Engel Victory 2550/350 injection moulding machine adapted for D80 and 60 screws.
  • Highly efficient water and oil temperature control units for PEEK-type high-temperature polymers.
  • Control of up to 8 sequential inputs and 16 in-mould heating zones.
  • Injection-compression module.
  • Set of four screws (amorphous, semi-crystalline, double-screw, mixer).
  • Different moulds available: standard tensile and bending test specimens, plates of different thicknesses and dimensions, spiral mould for dynamic creep testing
  • Auxiliary equipment: mill, IR lamps for over-injection, dehumidifiers, moisture meters.
  • Quality control: MFI, DSC, thermographic cameras, digital microscope.