CTAG presents the preliminary results of the CRUSOE project

La presentación de resultados, a cargo de Carlos Pérez Garrido (División de Electrónica y Sistemas Inteligentes de Transporte)

CTAG presented the first results of the CRUSOE project within the framework of the C-MobILE TestFest, held from December 2 to 4 at the Centre’s facilities.

CRUSOE, financed under the 2018 call of the CEF Telecom programme managed by INEA, aims to prepare vehicle communications equipment (OBUs and RSUs) and the resilience of communication flows in 5G V2X scenarios. The results of the project will be validated by controlled tests in the SISCOGA cross-border 5G corridor.

The presentation of results, by Carlos Pérez Garrido (Electronics and Intelligent Transport Systems Division) and Jorge Fontenla González (Technological Innovation), aroused great interest among attendees given the central role that cybersecurity will play in the mobility of future.

CTAG will host the first C-MobILE TESTFEST in Vigo

CTAG, in collaboration with ERTICO, ITS Europe and the consortium of the C-MobILE project, will host the first C-MobILE TESTFEST, which will take place in Vigo, from December 2 to 4.

The C-MobILE TESTFEST event is open to any C-ITS professional and to all those interested in this field in order to test the interoperability with the infrastructures implemented at CTAG and its surroundings and in the city of Vigo, in which vehicles will be able to operate through the C-MobILE deployment site.

Interested public and private organisations (public authorities, road operators, systems suppliers, service providers, vehicle manufacturers) are invited to register and take part with their own equipment (cellular devices and/or vehicles equipped with on-board units) to enjoy and test the C-MobILE services operating at the Vigo deployment site.

C-MobILE C-ITS services are equally deployed at the other C-MobILE deployment sites in Barcelona, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Newcastle, North Brabant and Thessaloniki. The objective is to test the interoperability with the cellular structure and ITS-G5 deployed locally.

The services to be tested in this open event are: Road works warning (RWW), Road Hazard Warning (RHW), In-Vehicle Signage (IVS), Slow or Stationary Vehicle Warning (SSVW) and Green Light Optimised Speed Advice (GLOSA). Services will be provided using two communication channels: ITS-G5 and cellular communication with the exception of SSVW which is provided via cellular only.

Click on the following link to register https://www.eventbrite.com/e/c-mobile-testfest-tickets-71799204353

Preparatory webinars

In order to prepare for the TESTFEST, the C-MobILE project team will hold two explanatory webinars. Register now for these two dates: