The FACENDO 4.0 project holds its closing ceremony

The Facendo 4.0 project (Factory Competitiveness and Electromobility through iNnovation and Digital transformation 4.0), led by Stellantis Vigo and with the participation of CTAG, Gradiant, AIMEN and the UniversIdade de Vigo has culminated its development after 31 months of implementation, with a closing ceremony at the headquarters of Stellantis in Vigo.

The event was attended by Patricia Argerey, Director of the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN), and leaders of all the organisations involved.

Facendo 4.0 is an R&D project initiated in 2020, focused on industrial research and experimental development to increase competitiveness and strengthen the expertise of the business network of the automotive sector in Galicia.

During this project, 157 actions have been executed or implemented in the technological areas of the Factory of the Future, Vehicle of the Future, and Connectivity and Information Technologies.

800,000 hours of research and advanced engineering have been dedicated to the innovations developed, giving rise, up to now, to 10 registered patents.

The partners of Facendo 4.0 have invested 22.3 million euros, with a public aid of 12.2 million euros from the Department of Economy, Industry and Innovation of the Xunta de Galicia, through the Axencia Galega de Innovación (GAIN), co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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CTAG performs autonomous driving tests on the International Bridge that connects Spain with Portugal

Autonomous driving tests have begun on the A55 International Bridge that connects Spain with Portugal, which also belongs to the SISCOGA4CCAM corridor. This Spain-Portugal cross-border corridor connects the cities of Vigo and Porto and covers the entire value chain, including car manufacturers, telecommunications companies, public administrations and research institutions.

The tests will be carried out within the framework of the 5GMOBIX project during the months of March, April and May. The main objective of 5G-MOBIX is to lay the foundation for the deployment of 5G CCAM services and applications and to give a big boost in both countries towards the development of opportunities around 5G in the ITS sector. Furthermore, this cross-border corridor will explore the challenges of seamless interoperability between different countries and between different types of operators (public and private). The aim of this project is to develop a global 5G architecture that offers highly robust and low latency connectivity services for safety applications, provide high precision 5G positioning solutions, demonstrate and validate the concepts developed, and quantify the benefits of this technology in terms of driving.

These tests are carried out with the support of the competent traffic management authorities, such as the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), Infraestructuras de Portugal, S.A., the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, and the Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana, who authorize and facilitate the management of road closures necessary for the execution of tests with 5G technology in the safest possible way.

The tests being performed include various autonomous driving use cases in urban and interurban environments. Among these use cases the Overtaking, Lane Merge and HD Maps manoeuvres stand out, carried out with autonomous and connected vehicles capable of integrating 5G technology to increase the response capacity in manoeuvres.

For more information and a complete list of the partners that make up the consortium within the 5GMOBIX initiative, please visit the website:

CTAG presents its latest advances in autonomous driving and connectivity in Malaga

5G Forum, coche autónomo de CTAG
Coche autónomo y perosnal de CTAG junto a otros participantes en el 5G Forum

CTAG participated in the 5G FORUM, a multidisciplinary meeting on 5G technology. Diego Bernárdez, Head of the Connectivity Department at CTAG, presented a paper on Cooperative systems and V2X communications. Protocols in DSRC (ITS-G5) and 5G. One of CTAG’s connected vehicles was also shown to present attendees its operation and performance.

The event, held on April 24 and 25 at the Polo de Contenidos Digitales in Malaga, offered a broad view on the different applications of this technology, from artificial intelligence to health and telemedicine. This is the first edition of the event whose objective is to show on stage every year the advances of 5G technology and offer the opportunity to exchange knowledge about its practical applications.

Outstanding companies involved in the use of 5G technologies shared their experiences and performed demonstrations for the attending professionals.

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