The largest national event of composite materials arrives for the first time to Galicia thanks to CTAG, University of Vigo and AEMAC

CTAG, the University of Vigo and AEMAC will organize the XIII National Congress of Composite Materials (MATCOMP 2019) in Galicia. The announcement was made yesterday in Madrid.

The Spanish Association of Composite Materials (AEMAC) and the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG) announced yesterday in Madrid the organization of the XIII National Congress of Composite Materials (MATCOMP 2019) based in Galicia.

Taking advantage of the celebration yesterday of the 2nd AEMAC Workshop for collaboration Academia and companies in the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) in Madrid, the responsible for the Materials​​ Innovation Area at CTAG, Raquel Ledo, and the president of AEMAC, Jacinto Tortosa, officially announced the selection of CTAG and the University of Vigo as hosts of MATCOMP 2019, which will be held for the first time in Vigo on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of July 2019.

As Raquel Ledo, who moderated the transport table, advanced yesterday, MATCOMP 2019 will arrive in Galicia for the first time in its history to offer a high-level technological forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest research and innovative technologies in the field of composite and high-performance materials, and specifically “in this edition we want to reinforce the impact of composite materials in the Industry 4.0 and in the circular economy“.

MATCOMP 2019 will gather a large number of experts in the area of ​​advanced materials with great international relevance as well as invited lecturers from the most innovative companies in this field. In addition, this congress will be open to the participation of all those companies, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals interested in sending their contributions, presenting their products or attending the congress. Thus, this event will provide a unique opportunity to strengthen the collaboration of universities and technology centres with companies from strategic sectors such as the automotive industry, the naval industry, aeronautics, renewable energy and the construction sector, among others.

In the forthcoming weeks the congress website will be published with further information.

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MATCOMP is a biennial congress promoted by AEMAC that aims to promote and encourage research and use of composite materials at a national level. This congress constitutes the most important event for the scientific, academic and business community in the field of composite materials in Spain. In past editions, MATCOMP has managed to bring together about 200 speakers and experts and mobilize more than 300 professionals with a high level of innovation.

Materials Innovation at CTAG

CTAG is a Galician technology centre with international presence, composed by nearly 700 professionals and created in 2002 to offer innovative solutions for the automotive sector. One of its most important research lines are  the advanced materials, in which it has developed more than 50 projects, 25 of them within public research programs such as the European Horizon 2020 Program. This group of researchers, pioneers in Galicia in the approach of materials research results towards companies in the transport sector, was the first group of scientists from a private centre to lead a research project within the 7th European Research Program and is currently very involved in the transfer of knowledge based on material engineering between the automotive sector and aeronautics, two strategic sectors for Galicia.