CTAG participates in Smart City Expo World Congress 2022

This is the largest international event for cities involved in the development of smart mobility solutions. Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona brings together governments, institutions and companies to drive cities towards a better future.

You can visit us at booth B200, where we will be presenting our latest mobility solutions, such as the autonomous and cooperative shuttle, CTAG’s 100% electric last-mile autonomous vehicle.

We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information about the event, please visit https://www.smartcityexpo.com/

CTAG leads the first public demonstration of autonomous driving supported by 5G technology on the border between Spain and Portugal

These tests have been carried out within the framework of the 5G-MOBIX European project, focused on 5G technology for advanced Connected and Automated Mobility. The demonstrations carried out reveal the impact of the solutions tested in various scenarios of a dynamic border route characterized by the low latency and the service continuity enabled by the 5G network.

At the Tui-Valença international bridge, with the 100% electric autonomous shuttle developed by CTAG, two main use cases were presented: speed adaptation, where the autonomous shuttle slows down or stops to avoid a pedestrian thanks to the information provided by the infrastructure and the 5G network; and remote driving in a critical situation, where the vehicle relinquishes control to an operator to drive remotely from the control centre.

CTAG’s tracks also hosted live tests within the framework of the 5G-MOBIX project. Specifically, tests were carried out where an autonomous vehicle, in transit alongside non-connected vehicles, receives, through 5G, information on the position of the vehicles in the main lanes (for example, on a motorway), predicts their trajectories and adapts the speed for a safe merging manoeuvre.

Other tests focused on updating maps in real time: when the autonomous vehicle receives information from the traffic management centre about road works; the vehicle onboard unit receives the information, compares it with its own map, and concludes that its internal map is out of date. At that moment, it prompts the driver to take control and begins to record the information captured by the sensors. Once the vehicle has cleared the road works, it continues its way, in autonomous mode, and the on-board unit sends the data recorded by the sensors, via 5G, to the ITS Centre, which processes everything and generates a new map in HD. This new map is sent by the 5G network to nearby vehicles so that they can clear the road works autonomously.

Nearly one hundred technicians and representatives of the different project partners attended the presentation of the results of the 5G-M project and the live tests.

For more information, please check the press release of the event.

An autonomous vehicle designed by CTAG performs its first public tests in Arteixo

This morning the first open to the public tests of CTAG’s last-mile autonomous vehicle took place in Arteixo. The town mayor and the neighbors have had the opportunity of being the first to enjoy a ride on the 100% electric Shuttle.

The tests took place throughout the morning from Sabón beach car park, showing the joint work that Arteixo town council and CTAG are doing and revealing the solutions that this connected vehicle brings to mobility and as a complement to other transport services.