Electronics and ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)

About 90 percent of innovations in the automobile sector go hand in hand with electronics, telecommunications and software engineering. This has led an accelerating trend for new functions to enhance safety, comfort and communications levels in future generations of vehicles. At CTAG a multidisciplinary team researches and develops:
  • ADAS and vehicle automation: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous driving systems for greater road safety and peace of mind for the driver
  • Connectivity: Systems for interconnecting the driver and the environment, offering entertainment solutions on board and access to information to develop safer vehicles.
  • Electromobility: Systems for electric vehicles and related facilities
  • Comfort and interior: Integrated systems in cabin components to increase driver comfort.
Special attention is given to interaction concepts between technologies and the driver, electronic architecture, hardware and software development and technical and functional validation.
Electronica & ITS