Acoustics and vibration

This laboratory carries out acoustics, vibration and combined tests:

Vibration studies:

  • Vibration tests with profile sine, random or following uniaxial or multi-axis time signals under controlled weather conditions
  • Mechanical impact tests up to 100 g
  • Acquisition of on track vehicle acceleration time signals and laboratory reproduction and analysis
  • Experimental modal analysis on components and complex structures
  • Calculation of Operating Deflection Shapes on structures submitted to vibration
  • Analysis and detection of squeak & rattle under road vibration conditions
  • Fatigue analysis and mechanical durability tests on components submitted to vibration
  • Vibration transmission and vibration comfort tests on vehicle seats
  • Electrical characterisation tests on components submitted to vibration under different climatic conditions

Acoustics studies:

  • Measuring and analysis of operating noise and squeak & rattle produced by vibrations in semi-anechoic chamber
  • Acoustic maps and acoustic intensity analysis
  • Measuring sound pressure level and analysis in frequency
  • Acoustic characterisation of materials (sound absorption and transmission) through impedance tube
  • Acquisition of in-vehicle sound pressure and acceleration time signals
  • Vibration tests combined with temperature for vibroacoustic and structural analysis of components

Vibration equipment:

  • Multi-axis electro-hydraulic shaker (6 degrees of freedom, combined with climatic chamber)
  • Multi-axis electro-hydraulic shaker (6 degrees of freedom, combined with semi-anechoic chamber)
  • Biaxial electro-dynamic shaker
  • Uniaxial electro-dynamic shaker

Acoustic chambers:

  • Semi-anechoic chamber (8,000 L, acoustic analysis of operating noise and components under uniaxial vibration)
  • Semi-anechoic chamber (100,000 L, studies on operating noise in vehicle and on components under multi-axis vibration – road signals)
  • Acoustics and vibration acquisition systems
  • Equipment for modal analysis of complex structures such as complete body-in-white
Acoustics and vibration test