Material testing on components or parts is offered with the guarantee that both official standards and customer specifications are met. The laboratory specialises in plastic components, textiles and cables.

Main tests:

Mechanical characterisation and physico-chemical tests:
  • Physical analysis
    • Density
  • Mechanical characterisation
    • Tensile, flexure, compression properties
    • Rigidity, sliding, operating stress
    • Charpy impact resistance
    • Adhesives: shear, peel resistance (180° and 90°)
    • Textiles: tear resistance
    • Plastics impact resistance (room temperature and cold)
    • Drop resistance
    • Hardness Shore A and D (plastics and rubbers)
    • Persoz hardness (Paints)
  • Aspect
    • Aspect assessment
      • Visual comparison in colour comparison cabinet
      • Colour and gloss measurement
    • Aspect tests
      • Abrasion resistance (Martindale, MIE, Crockmeter…)
      • Resistance to gravel
      • Paint adhesion (cross cut, St. Andrew´s cross)
      • Scratch resistance
      • Resistance to chemicals (immersion, drop test, wetting test…)
  • Emissions from interior materials:
    • Fogging test
    • Volatility
    • Odour intensity
  • Fire resistance – Horizontal flammability
  • Resistance to water immersion, saturated atmosphere, temperature …
  • Electrical cable testing:
    • Electrical resistance
    • Dielectric rigidity
    • Pressure under high temperature
    • Insulation strip force
    • Cold winding
    • Cold impact
    • Abrasion resistance

Main equipment:

  • Universal tensile test machine with climatic chamber and video-extensometer (10 kN)
  • Universal testing machine (10 t)
  • Shore Durometer A & D
  • Spectrophotometer and glossmeter
  • Colour comparison cabinet
  • Electronic magnifying glass 63x
  • Coating thickness measurer
  • Coating hardness measurer– Persoz Pendulum, Erichsen Pencil
  • Gravelometer
  • Volatile measuring machines (fogging test, volatility)
  • Horizontal flammability chamber
  • Abrasion meters (Martindale, Crockmeter, rotary abrasion)
  • Cold impact test equipment
  • Stoves (up to 400 ºC)
  • Precision weight scales
  • Equipment for cable tests according to ISO 6722 (abrasion tester, insulation strip force, cold impact…)
  • Electrical test equipment (megohmmeter, micro-ohmmeter, multi tester, nanovoltmeter, low intensity precision source …)
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