Material testing on components or parts is offered with the guarantee that both official standards and customer specifications are met.The laboratory specialises in plastic components, textiles and cables.

Main tests:

Mechanical characterisation and physico-chemical tests:
  • Physical analysis
    • Density
  • Mechanical characterisation
    • Tensile, flexure, compression properties
    • Rigidity, sliding, operating stress
    • Charpy impact resistance
    • Adhesives: shear, peel resistance (180° and 90°)
    • Textiles: tear resistance
    • Plastics impact resistance (room temperature and cold)
    • Drop resistance
    • Hardness Shore A and D (plastics and rubbers)
    • Persoz hardness (Paints)
  • Aspect
    • Aspect assessment
      • Visual comparison in colour comparison cabinet
      • Colour and gloss measurement
    • Aspect tests
      • Abrasion resistance (Martindale, MIE, Crockmeter…)
      • Resistance to gravel
      • Paint adhesion (cross cut, St. Andrew´s cross)
      • Scratch resistance
      • Resistance to chemicals (immersion, drop test, wetting test…)
  • Emissions from interior materials:
    • Fogging test
    • Volatility
    • Odour intensity
  • Fire resistance – Horizontal flammability
  • Resistance to water immersion, saturated atmosphere, temperature …
  • Electrical cable testing:
    • Electrical resistance
    • Dielectric rigidity
    • Pressure under high temperature
    • Insulation strip force
    • Cold winding
    • Cold impact
    • Abrasion resistance

Main equipment:

  • Universal tensile test machine with climatic chamber and video-extensometer (10 kN)
  • Universal testing machine (10 t)
  • Shore Durometer A & D
  • Spectrophotometer and glossmeter
  • Colour comparison cabinet
  • Electronic magnifying glass 63x
  • Coating thickness measurer
  • Coating hardness measurer– Persoz Pendulum, Erichsen Pencil
  • Gravelometer
  • Volatile measuring machines (fogging test, volatility)
  • Horizontal flammability chamber
  • Abrasion meters (Martindale, Crockmeter, rotary abrasion)
  • Cold impact test equipment
  • Stoves (up to 400 ºC)
  • Precision weight scales
  • Equipment for cable tests according to ISO 6722 (abrasion tester, insulation strip force, cold impact…)
  • Electrical test equipment (megohmmeter, micro-ohmmeter, multi tester, nanovoltmeter, low intensity precision source …)
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