Instrumentation and calibration laboratory

CTAG has a family of dummies for the development of occupant protection projects as well as a laboratory equipped for on site calibration of dummies (including the Biorid II).Dummies available:
  • Frontal: Hybrid III family
  • Side: EuroSID II and SID II-s, Worldsid
  • Rear: BioRID II
  • Child: Families P, Q, Hybrid III
  • TNO10
  • 20 kHz and 100 kHz acquisition systems.
  • Airbag deployment modules, digital events, registration of accelerations, velocities, displacements, angular velocity, forces and moments, etc.
  • Portable three-dimensional measuring for dummy positioning and components.
Instrumentation and calibration laboratory - DummiesInstrumentation and calibration laboratory - Dummies