CTAG starts a pioneering project in sustainable graphene solutions: GIANCE

The project officially kicked off on October 1, 2023 as a significant step towards addressing environmental challenges with graphene-based solutions.

GIANCE is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to establish a holistic, integrated, and industry-driven platform with a clear focus on improving sustainable materials and their practical, real-world applications.

In addition, GIANCE is actively engaged in boosting the progress of manufacturing processes, improving synthesis and stability, and reducing environmental impact. In doing so, it seeks to establish connections with end-users, facilitating the development and preparation of commercial proposals at high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs).

The GIANCE consortium is strategically positioned with the objective of maximizing its impact on industries and society at large. With 23 partners representing the entire value chain, from large industries to small and medium-sized innovative companies, GIANCE seeks to contribute substantially to the field of graphene and related materials. The ultimate goal is to establish a strong EU value chain, transforming technological breakthroughs into tangible innovation opportunities and production capabilities.

You can read the full press release about the project kick-off here and, if you want to be updated on all their news, you can do it through their LinkedIn page.