CTAG presents its commitment to sustainable mobility at the eMobility Expo World Congress 2024

CTAG announces once again its participation in the eMobility Expo World Congress 2024. This international congress, dedicated to sustainable, connected and autonomous mobility, provides a unique space to exchange knowledge and move towards a more sustainable future in the mobility sector.

We will have a space in Hall 5, at booth B224, so that visitors can come and explore recent projects first-hand, meet our experts and obtain detailed information about CTAG’s activities.

In addition, we will take advantage of this scenario to share the latest research, developments and advances in the field of sustainable mobility through multiple panel discussions:


  • New propulsion technologies architecture – Jorge Varela Barreras, EV and Battery expert, CTAG
  • New materials for the new vehicles – Alberto Tielas Macia, Head of the Interior Materials and Systems Department, CTAG


  • Autonomous vehicles (cars & buses) – Francisco Sánchez Pons, Director of Electronics, ITS and Smart Mobility at CTAG

These discussions will be an opportunity for those interested in learning about the latest trends and future perspectives of the sector.

We will also offer an autonomous and connected driving experience aboard our shuttle in the Feria de Valencia square, a demonstration of what the mobility of the future will be like, last-mile, electric, smart, connected and driverless.

You can contact us to arrange a meeting at the congress by email: sales@ctag.com

CTAG presents a new pioneering equipment for advanced research on comfort with people on board

CTAG has implemented a new state-of-the-art equipment for advanced research on comfort. It is a Human Rated Dual vibration system, a multiaxial equipment for the evaluation of acoustic and vibration comfort, designed for tests both with and without people on board.

Given the strongly subjective nature of vibration and acoustic comfort, these tools are essential in the process of research and development of new solutions to improve users’ perception of comfort. This installation makes it possible to evaluate such sensations in a controlled and repeatable environment, for example in rolling conditions, for mobility applications in a broad sense.

It has two main applications:

  1. Multiaxial mechanical characterization and durability tests. Its purpose is to test the vibration behaviour of a vehicle system and its ability to withstand the demanding vibration environment to which it will be subjected throughout the life of the vehicle.
  2. Evaluation and measurement with people in the vehicle of the vibration comfort and squeak & rattle in different interior components. This evaluation can be carried out both through subjective questionnaires and through the measurement of physical and physiological parameters, such as muscular activity, always under safe conditions for the vehicle occupants participating in the test.

Thanks to this new highly versatile equipment, CTAG seeks to respond to new technical challenges in the mobility sector through both collaborative and in-house R&D projects.

Launch event of the European HI_MOV project for sustainable mobility

Hydrogen stands out as one of the most relevant options for zero-emission mobility in order to meet decarbonization targets. “HI_MOV Corredor Tecnológico Transfronterizo de Movilidad con Hidrógeno Renovable”, the European project led by CTAG, seeks to address the technological and infrastructural challenges for its implementation in the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion.

The objective of the project is to create a cross-border ecosystem to boost the hydrogen value chain to promote sustainable mobility in the region. Over the next 36 months, it will focus on analysing the potential of renewable hydrogen, improving technological capacity building, and developing and demonstrating the viability of hydrogen technology solutions in cross-border pilot tests.

The launch event took place this morning at CTAG’s facilities in O Porriño, attended by representatives of the Xunta de Galicia, POCTEP, AECT-GNP, CCDR-NORTE, INEGA, USC, Universidade do Minho, ENERGYLAB, PIEP, Petrotec and Universidade do Porto.

For further information please read the Press Release.

Designation of Technology Reconnaissance Centre for automated driving vehicle testing on open roads

The General Subdirectorate of Mobility and Technology Management of the General Directorate of Traffic has designated the University Institute of Automobile Research (INSIA) as a Technology Reconnaissance Centre in the field of trials or research tests with automated driving vehicles on roads open to general traffic. To this end, INSIA will have the collaboration of the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia (CTAG) to jointly cover all the tests and procedures contemplated in the instruction VEH 2022/07 of the DGT, in order to certify and issue the technical evaluation reports of vehicles for the performance of this type of tests.


This designation will make it possible to accelerate the trials or research tests of automated driving vehicles in Spain, making our country one of the international benchmarks for autonomous and connected mobility.

For further information please read the Press Release.


CTAG impulsa la I+D+i en Conectividad en el marco del PERTE.VEC con dos proyectos

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El Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG) lidera la revolución del vehículo eléctrico y conectado (VEC) en España a través de su participación en los proyectos clave “Entornos de Test para la Movilidad Conectada (ETMC)” y el proyecto “Soluciones Digitales y Datos para una Movilidad Avanzada (DyD)”, dentro del marco estratégico para la Recuperación y Transformación Económica.

CTAG se centra en el impulso de la fabricación competitiva del VEC, especialmente en el ámbito de la conectividad.

  • Entornos de Test para la Movilidad Conectada (ETMC) [VEC-020 100-2022-212]: Proyecto clave del PERTE.VEC con 9 socios nacionales de proyección internacional. Su objetivo es investigar tecnologías para optimizar las comunicaciones vehiculares para VEC, creando entornos y protocolos de prueba de cara a lograr una movilidad conectada, inteligente, segura e inclusiva.
  • Soluciones Digitales y Datos para una Movilidad Avanzada (DyD) [VEC-020100-2022-219]: Proyecto del PERTE.VEC dedicado a generar conocimiento y soluciones digitales avanzadas para acelerar la digitalización en el diseño, desarrollo y ensayo de tecnologías de VEC, siendo esencial en la cadena de movilidad.

Gracias a la financiación otorgada a ambos proyectos por el Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo (MINCOTUR) bajo los fondos Next Generation de la UE, CTAG se consolida como actor clave en la configuración del futuro de la movilidad conectada. Aportamos innovación y conocimientos que impulsan el avance tecnológico en el sector de automoción español.

CTAG-IDIADA obtains an award for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability.

The distinction awarded to CTAG-IDIADA on 1st December for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability marks a significant milestone in the business landscape. The Sello de Empresa Responsabilízate award ceremony, which took place at the prestigious Pazo Vista Alegre, celebrated the achievement of 200 organisations that successfully completed all the stages of the third edition of the Responsabilízate programme, an initiative backed by the Xunta de Galicia (Galician regional government).

CTAG-IDIADA has been one of the award-winning companies together with GRUPO CANALIS and Soltec Ingenieros. This award highlights them as creators of shared value, positioning them at the forefront of a new paradigm of sustainable, responsible SMEs and micro-enterprises committed to corporate social responsibility. However, this distinction not only recognises their excellence in CSR, but also positions these companies as active agents in the promotion of a new business paradigm.


CTAG presenta en Stuttgart sus últimos avances en materiales sostenibles

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CTAG participa estos días en la feria Automotive Interiors Expo en Stuttgart, un evento de referencia en Europa sobre nuevos materiales de interior, tecnologías, conceptos, confort e innovación.

Del 5 al 7 de diciembre, compañeros del área de Innovación en Materiales de CTAG, estarán en el stand 3616 presentando las últimas aplicaciones en cuanto a materiales inteligentes, plastrónica, superficies acústicas, confort térmico y composites de altas prestaciones del centro.

Además, el día 6 de diciembre por la tarde Raquel Ledo, responsable también del área de Innovación en Materiales, llevará a cabo una ponencia sobre soluciones innovadoras para mejorar el confort térmico en el interior de los vehículos con un consumo energético optimizado.

Si quieres saber más sobre nuestro trabajo, puedes contactar con alguno de nuestros responsables a través del correo ctag@ctag.com, y para más información sobre esta feria, visita su página web.

CTAG starts a pioneering project in sustainable graphene solutions: GIANCE

The project officially kicked off on October 1, 2023 as a significant step towards addressing environmental challenges with graphene-based solutions.

GIANCE is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to establish a holistic, integrated, and industry-driven platform with a clear focus on improving sustainable materials and their practical, real-world applications.

In addition, GIANCE is actively engaged in boosting the progress of manufacturing processes, improving synthesis and stability, and reducing environmental impact. In doing so, it seeks to establish connections with end-users, facilitating the development and preparation of commercial proposals at high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs).

The GIANCE consortium is strategically positioned with the objective of maximizing its impact on industries and society at large. With 23 partners representing the entire value chain, from large industries to small and medium-sized innovative companies, GIANCE seeks to contribute substantially to the field of graphene and related materials. The ultimate goal is to establish a strong EU value chain, transforming technological breakthroughs into tangible innovation opportunities and production capabilities.

You can read the full press release about the project kick-off here and, if you want to be updated on all their news, you can do it through their LinkedIn page.

CTAG joins again the Urban Era of Smart City Expo

From November 7th to 9th 2023, we will participate once again in the Smart City Expo World Congress in the city of Barcelona, the world’s leading event on urban innovation:

  • More than 25,000 attendees
  • More than 1,000 exhibitors from across the mobility ecosystem
  • More than 800 cities and 140 countries
  • More than 600 international speakers, representatives of cities, institutions, research centers and companies
  • We will share with them our most innovative technological solutions to redefine cities towards a better future, with safer, greener, more efficient and smarter urban spaces.
    From booth number 149 in hall 2, we will offer our visitors the opportunity to see up close and even get into one of our innovations in smart, autonomous, multimodal, sustainable and connected mobility: CTAG’s 100% electric Shuttle, a level 4 autonomous last-mile vehicle.
    For more information, please visit the Smart City Expo website.

    CTAG returns to ELIV 2023 to present its electronics expertise.

    We are happy to announce our return to the International VDI Congress ELIV 2023, one of the world’s leading congresses for Automotive Electronics, Software and Applications.

    ELIV is an international event held every two years in Bonn, Germany. It brings together manufacturers, suppliers, universities and researchers from around the world to exchange knowledge and discuss the latest innovations, developments and challenges relevant to the industry.

    This year, the congress will be held on October 18th and 19th. We invite you to visit us at stand #75, where we will be presenting CTAG’s latest developments in Electronics and Smart Mobility, as well as our latest installations.

    Take the opportunity to learn more about our work as experts in vehicle electronics. Discover our advances in electronic architecture, hardware and software development and validation of electronic systems.

    For more details, please visit the congress website or schedule a meeting with one of our managers at ctag@ctag.com.