CTAG drives the disruptive transformation of the sector with RISpire Training project

The main objective of RISpire’s Knowledge Boosting Training is to fence the disruptive transformation of the sector by offering capacity building activities to trainers and innovators in three key regions of Europe.

The RISpire programme focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship to address current challenges in the mobility sector. With a focus on unlocking innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities in Romania, Czech Republic and the Euroregion Galicia-North Portugal, the programme aims to foster sustainable growth in urban mobility through intensive and thematic trainings on innovation, ESG and women empowerment.

CTAG, as part of the project, assumes a fundamental role in needs analysis and capacity building in equality, social challenges (ESG) and open innovation in the urban mobility ecosystem of the Euroregion Galicia-North Portugal.

Innovation professionals, students and public servants with business ideas are invited to join this exciting programme that aims to drive collaborative innovation and sustainable growth in the urban mobility sector.

RISpire Trainings is a project supported by the EIT Urban Mobility.

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For more information, please contact raul.urbano@ctag.com