CTAG presents its commitment to sustainable mobility at the eMobility Expo World Congress 2024

CTAG announces once again its participation in the eMobility Expo World Congress 2024. This international congress, dedicated to sustainable, connected and autonomous mobility, provides a unique space to exchange knowledge and move towards a more sustainable future in the mobility sector.

We will have a space in Hall 5, at booth B224, so that visitors can come and explore recent projects first-hand, meet our experts and obtain detailed information about CTAG’s activities.

In addition, we will take advantage of this scenario to share the latest research, developments and advances in the field of sustainable mobility through multiple panel discussions:


  • New propulsion technologies architecture – Jorge Varela Barreras, EV and Battery expert, CTAG
  • New materials for the new vehicles – Alberto Tielas Macia, Head of the Interior Materials and Systems Department, CTAG


  • Autonomous vehicles (cars & buses) – Francisco Sánchez Pons, Director of Electronics, ITS and Smart Mobility at CTAG

These discussions will be an opportunity for those interested in learning about the latest trends and future perspectives of the sector.

We will also offer an autonomous and connected driving experience aboard our shuttle in the Feria de Valencia square, a demonstration of what the mobility of the future will be like, last-mile, electric, smart, connected and driverless.

You can contact us to arrange a meeting at the congress by email: sales@ctag.com

CTAG starts a pioneering project in sustainable graphene solutions: GIANCE

The project officially kicked off on October 1, 2023 as a significant step towards addressing environmental challenges with graphene-based solutions.

GIANCE is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to establish a holistic, integrated, and industry-driven platform with a clear focus on improving sustainable materials and their practical, real-world applications.

In addition, GIANCE is actively engaged in boosting the progress of manufacturing processes, improving synthesis and stability, and reducing environmental impact. In doing so, it seeks to establish connections with end-users, facilitating the development and preparation of commercial proposals at high Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs).

The GIANCE consortium is strategically positioned with the objective of maximizing its impact on industries and society at large. With 23 partners representing the entire value chain, from large industries to small and medium-sized innovative companies, GIANCE seeks to contribute substantially to the field of graphene and related materials. The ultimate goal is to establish a strong EU value chain, transforming technological breakthroughs into tangible innovation opportunities and production capabilities.

You can read the full press release about the project kick-off here and, if you want to be updated on all their news, you can do it through their LinkedIn page.

El proyecto SALIENT alcanza su primer año de recorrido

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El proyecto europeo SALIENT (Novel Concepts for Safer, Lighter, Circular and Smarter Vehicle Structure Design for Enhanced Crashworthiness and Higher Compatibility), liderado por CTAG y que cuenta con un consorcio internacional de 12 socios, ha alcanzado este mes su primer año de recorrido.

SALIENT busca investigar y desarrollar nuevos componentes estructurales de vehículo que sean inteligentes, adaptativos, más ligeros y seguros. Durante este primer año, SALIENT ha analizado el rango de posibles escenarios hacia los que evolucionará la movilidad en el futuro de cara a adaptar el comportamiento de la carrocería del vehículo en caso de colisión. Además, el proyecto se ha centrado en mejorar la estructura delantera del vehículo, aplicando los principios de eco-diseño y empleando materiales avanzados con base aluminio y composite.

Para estar al tanto de las posibles novedades del proyecto y los resultados que vayamos publicando, puedes consultar de forma periódica la web del proyecto o bien puedes suscribirte a nuestra newsletter online aquí y nosotros te haremos llegar directamente todas las novedades.

Bioeconomía Forestal en tiempos desafiantes – proyecto BIOTECFOR+

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El día 20 de Junio, de 9:30h a 17:30h, se llevará a cabo el Seminario Internacional Bioeconomía Forestal en tiempos desafiantes: tecnologías, mercados y políticas, en Oporto.

Este evento se enmarca en el proyecto BIOTECFOR+ (www.biotecfor.com), del que CTAG es líder, y cuyo objetivo es la capitalización de soluciones para la valorización de recursos forestales en industrias como la automoción.

Link a programa e inscripciones: https://es.biotecfor.com/events/150-bioeconomia_forestal_en_tiempos_desafiantes

Mindtech, the leading industrial fair of the Iberian Pole, is back

This time we are staying at home: CTAG will be at the IFEVI exhibition centre, in Vigo, Pontevedra, to meet with leading companies of the metal industry and its related technologies on June 20, 21 and 22.

We will be located at stand E-12B, giving everyone who comes to visit us the opportunity to see live demonstrations of two of our latest technological solutions developed in CTAG’s Booster Manufacturing Lab, a laboratory designed for the research and development of new technologies and applications for Industry 5.0:

Our InteX project, capable of objectively assessing the impact of exoskeletons in the work environment through AI-based performance indicators and the SmartFlexCell project, a flexible and quickly adjustable robotic cell thanks to hexapod and software technology.

We will also be showcasing three other solutions from CTAG’s Materials Innovation area:

– The textile thermocouple matrix, to check how it is possible to measure temperature in different places at the same time on the same surface.

– Our heated ceramic surface.

– The resistive sensor array, which measures the pressure we apply to multiple points on the same surface.

We invite everyone to come and enjoy three incredible days during which you will learn about the latest developments in R&D&I, 4.0 technology, circular economy or mobility, among others, from more than 160 exhibiting companies.

The fair offers the possibility to participate free of charge through the following link: https://register.mindtechvigo.com/mindtech2023/es/register/Register/VisitantesPay

You can contact our managers to arrange a meeting through the following email: ctag@ctag.com

National and international experts will present in Vigo the latest advances in composite materials

  • This is the XIII National Congress of Composite Materials (MATCOMP 2019), to be held in Vigo from July 3 to 5
  • The Congress, promoted by AEMAC and organised by CTAG and the University of Vigo, is the most important in the field of composite and high-performance materials in Spain
  • In this edition, there will be more than 200 presentations and posters and more abstracts were received than in the whole history of MATCOMP
  • Less than a month away, there are very few places left
  • The president of CSIC, Rosa María Menéndez López, Gilles Ausias, from the University of Southern Brittany, Juan José Vilatela, from the IMDEA Materials Institute and Luis Miguel Requejo Morcillo, governmental expert from the European Defense Agency, will be some of the experts that will participate in the event
  • CTAG and the University of Vigo, as co-organisers, will focus the theme of this edition on the impact of composites on Industry 4.0 and the Circular Economy
MATCOMP 2019, organizado por AEMAC, CTAG y Universidade de Vigo

From July 3 to 5 Vigo will host the event of reference at academic, scientific and business levels in the field of composite materials. The Spanish Association of Composite Materials, AEMAC, will hold the XIII Edition of the National Congress of Composite Materials, MATCOMP 2019 in which the latest advances in composites will be shared with national and international experts.

CTAG, Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia and the University of Vigo (UVigo) promoted the selection of Vigo as the venue for the event, so MATCOMP will be held for the first time in its history in Galicia. In this edition, there will be more than 200 presentations and posters and more abstracts were received than in the whole history of MATCOMP.

With CTAG and the University of Vigo as co-organisers, this edition will give a greater presence to the automotive sector, due to the challenges and barriers that new materials must overcome to access such a competitive environment in terms of costs and times. In this way, during the Congress, a thematic session will be held with international experts on the use of composites in automobiles and their role in the transformation of the automotive industry.

On the other hand, the congress will also try to reinforce the impact of composites on Industry 4.0 and on the Circular Economy, betting on the automation of processes, as well as on technologies that promote recycling and sustainability of composite materials, so that processes and products will be more efficient from the environmental point of view.

This congress is open to the participation of all those companies, researchers, entrepreneurs, professionals and students interested in sending their scientific contributions, presenting their products or attending the congress.

You may download the full press release.

If you are interested in attending the congress, you can register through https://matcomp19.com/inscripciones/

CTAG presents its capabilities for Industry 4.0 at Salon Industries du Futur

Representatives of CTAG visit these days Mulhouse, France to participate in Salon Industries du Futur. It is an event aimed at European experts in Industry 4.0, which serves as a meeting point for exhibitions, conferences and meetings.

CTAG has a stand (0-14) where you can learn about its sustainable and efficient production lines for the Factory of the Future 4.0, connectivity for predictive and proactive processes, flexible logistics and assistance to operators using exoskeletons and wearables. You will also be able to learn about the lines of research in new materials developed at CTAG and see some of the prototypes manufactured in this department.

Proxecto cofinanciado polo Igape, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo d eDesenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020

CTAG finalista por partida doble en los Chemplast Awards

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ChemPlast Awards 2018 es el certamen que nace para reconocer el trabajo, el liderazgo y la transformación de aquellas empresas de los sectores de la química y el plástico que apuestan por la innovación, la sostenibilidad y la digitalización industrial, enfocándose en todas las áreas del negocio. La misión de estos premios es fomentar y promover la innovación en las industrias químicas y plásticas.

En esta primera edición, la organización ha recibido más de un centenar de propuestas por parte de empresas, universidades, proveedores, investigadores, analistas, start-ups, aceleradoras, parques tecnológicos y centros de innovación.

CTAG ha presentado dos proyectos de investigación e innovación en dos candidaturas diferentes, quedando ambos entre los 3 finalistas de su categoría:

CTAG FINALISTA POR PARTIDA DOBLE, Mejor innovación tecnológica en el campo del desarrollo de los nuevos materiales: KrEaTive Habitat Application of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in the habitat sector. Mejor proyecto de investigación para la industria: FORTAPE Research on efficient integrated systems for the manufacturing of parts based on unidirectional tapes for the automotive and aeronautical sector

KrEaTive Habitat: Application of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in the habitat sector

Se trata de un proyecto de innovación que busca promover la transferencia de tecnología desde las Tecnologías Facilitadoras Esenciales (KET), entre ellas la nanotecnología, hacia aplicaciones de mercado dentro de la Industria Creativa y del Hábitat en entorno del Espacio SUDOE, que cubre España, Portugal, el Sur de Francia, Andorra y Gibraltar.

En concreto, CTAG está desarrollando materiales inteligentes para el sector de la construcción, uniendo las funcionalidades que aportan los nanomateriales con los materiales bases tradicionales:

  • Baldosas/azulejo cerámico con propiedades de emisión de calor y activación capacitiva por contacto, apto para baños.
  • Encimeras de cocina con función calienta-platos integrada y activación capacitiva por contacto
  • Panel de corcho para suelos con propiedades radiantes y sensorización para mapear la temperatura de una sala.

Este proyecto está cofinanciado con fondos FEDER a través del P.O. Interreg SUDOE. Más información del proyecto en: http://www.kreativehabitat.eu/

FORTAPE: Research on efficient integrated systems for the manufacturing of parts based on unidirectional tapes for the automotive and aeronautical sector

Se trata de un proyecto europeo de investigación, liderado por CTAG, que aunó la experiencia y conocimientos de los sectores de automoción y aeronáutica para desarrollar nuevas soluciones más eficientes y ligeras para piezas plásticas, basadas en la integración de refuerzos localizados mediante tapes unidireccionales en puntos estratégicos de la pieza, permitiendo un desarrollar un refuerzo a medida de las necesidades de ambos sectores. Las soluciones desarrolladas fueron testadas en 2 piezas objetivo y pasaron todas las validaciones tanto físicas como virtuales.

Este proyecto, finalizado este año, fue liderado por CTAG y financiado por el Programa Europeo Horizonte 2020 con un presupuesto total de más de 5 millones de euros, dentro de la iniciativa Factories of the Future. Más información sobre los resultados en: http://fortapeproject.eu/

Los ganadores se darán a conocer en la cena de gala el próximo 7 de noviembre. Será a partir de las 20:30h en el Casino de Madrid.

Más información sobre el certamen en: https://www.chemplastexpo.com/chemplast-awards/

Más información sobre las competencias de CTAG en Nuevos Materiales.