CTAG presents a new pioneering equipment for advanced research on comfort with people on board

CTAG has implemented a new state-of-the-art equipment for advanced research on comfort. It is a Human Rated Dual vibration system, a multiaxial equipment for the evaluation of acoustic and vibration comfort, designed for tests both with and without people on board.

Given the strongly subjective nature of vibration and acoustic comfort, these tools are essential in the process of research and development of new solutions to improve users’ perception of comfort. This installation makes it possible to evaluate such sensations in a controlled and repeatable environment, for example in rolling conditions, for mobility applications in a broad sense.

It has two main applications:

  1. Multiaxial mechanical characterization and durability tests. Its purpose is to test the vibration behaviour of a vehicle system and its ability to withstand the demanding vibration environment to which it will be subjected throughout the life of the vehicle.
  2. Evaluation and measurement with people in the vehicle of the vibration comfort and squeak & rattle in different interior components. This evaluation can be carried out both through subjective questionnaires and through the measurement of physical and physiological parameters, such as muscular activity, always under safe conditions for the vehicle occupants participating in the test.

Thanks to this new highly versatile equipment, CTAG seeks to respond to new technical challenges in the mobility sector through both collaborative and in-house R&D projects.