Los socios del Proyecto ‘Soluciones Digitales y Datos para una Movilidad Avanzada’ se reúnen en el museo Mobility City para evaluar los avances del proyecto

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En este encuentro, los socios revisaron el desarrollo del proyecto, consolidando esfuerzos y fortaleciendo la colaboración para impulsar la innovación en movilidad.

El pasado 6 de febrero, se llevó a cabo una reunión presencial entre los socios del proyecto “Soluciones Digitales y Datos para una Movilidad Avanzada”, enmarcado en el proyecto “Ecosistema industrial de innovación para la fabricación del Vehículo Eléctrico y Conectado en España” del PERTE VEC liderado por Renault Group España, el cual impulsa y financia el Ministerio de Industria y Turismo del Gobierno de España y la Unión Europea, NextGenerationEU, en el marco de Mecanismo de Recuperación y Resiliencia.

El encuentro, que se celebró en el museo Mobility City en Zaragoza, congregó a los distintos representantes de las empresas involucradas en este proyecto, cuyos objetivos fundamentales son la generación de conocimiento y construcción de soluciones digitales, estructuras y modelos de datos y mecanismos de análisis avanzado para los principales agentes de la cadena de Valor de la Movilidad Avanzada. Además, promueve la aceleración de la digitalización del ecosistema de empresas y centro dedicados al diseño, desarrollo y ensayo de soluciones y tecnología relacionadas con los vehículos eléctricos y conectados como elemento principal de la cadena de movilidad.

Durante el encuentro, se mencionaron los puntos más relevantes del seguimiento del proyecto, compartiendo el grado de avance y discutiendo acerca de los próximos pasos en la gestión de este.

Con esta reunión, los socios pudieron tener una mayor visión conjunta del proyecto y reafirmar su compromiso en cumplir con sus objetivos.

El proyecto está siendo realizado por Applus+ IDIADA; CENTRO ZARAGOZA, Instituto de Investigación sobre Vehículos, S.A.; NE-MI Mobility Solutions, S.L.; BILE Comunication, S.L.; PARKUNLOAD, S.L.; FACTUAL Consulting, S.L.; TECHNICA Electronics Barcelona, S.L.; Smart Mobility Solutions, S.L.; KAPS Management Group, S.L.; Fostering Mobility, S.L.U. y el Centro Tecnológico de la Automoción de Galicia (CTAG).

CTAG impulsa la I+D+i en Conectividad en el marco del PERTE.VEC con dos proyectos

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El Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia (CTAG) lidera la revolución del vehículo eléctrico y conectado (VEC) en España a través de su participación en los proyectos clave “Entornos de Test para la Movilidad Conectada (ETMC)” y el proyecto “Soluciones Digitales y Datos para una Movilidad Avanzada (DyD)”, dentro del marco estratégico para la Recuperación y Transformación Económica.

CTAG se centra en el impulso de la fabricación competitiva del VEC, especialmente en el ámbito de la conectividad.

  • Entornos de Test para la Movilidad Conectada (ETMC) [VEC-020 100-2022-212]: Proyecto clave del PERTE.VEC con 9 socios nacionales de proyección internacional. Su objetivo es investigar tecnologías para optimizar las comunicaciones vehiculares para VEC, creando entornos y protocolos de prueba de cara a lograr una movilidad conectada, inteligente, segura e inclusiva.
  • Soluciones Digitales y Datos para una Movilidad Avanzada (DyD) [VEC-020100-2022-219]: Proyecto del PERTE.VEC dedicado a generar conocimiento y soluciones digitales avanzadas para acelerar la digitalización en el diseño, desarrollo y ensayo de tecnologías de VEC, siendo esencial en la cadena de movilidad.

Gracias a la financiación otorgada a ambos proyectos por el Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo (MINCOTUR) bajo los fondos Next Generation de la UE, CTAG se consolida como actor clave en la configuración del futuro de la movilidad conectada. Aportamos innovación y conocimientos que impulsan el avance tecnológico en el sector de automoción español.

CTAG showcases its latest advances in sustainable mobility in Barcelona

We are happy to announce CTAG’s attendance on 05, 06 and 07 June 2023 at the world’s leading event for public transport: the UITP Global Transport Summit in Barcelona.

This congress will bring together more than 15,000 international visitors and 380 exhibitors on more than 40,000 m² of exhibition space to showcase the latest innovations in the sector.

CTAG will participate for the first time in this fair with a stand where visitors will be able to see our 100% electric shuttle, connected and with a level of autonomy 4, a vehicle that controls the conditions of the environment in which it is located, defining the route and responding to any situation.

We encourage you to stop by our stand – 7F170, located in hall 7, where our colleagues will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our work or services.

In addition, you can arrange a meeting directly with one of our managers by email: ctag@ctag.com

For more information about the event, please visit the UITP website.

CTAG organises the 2nd Technical Boot Camp of the European Project Connected Car

<IMPACT> Connected Car, 2nd Technical Boot Camp. 11, 12 y 13 de junio de 2019.

This is a European project in which CTAG participates as technical coordinator and head of the Spanish Hub. <Impact> Connected Car aims to support innovative SMEs focused on products and services for the Connected Car.

Within this framework, from Tuesday 11 to Thursday 13 June 2019, CTAG hosts the 2nd Technical Bootcamp of the European project <IMPACT> Connected Car, in which the 18 selected startups, which have reached the third stage of product development, will show their progress in the areas of Safety, Vehicle Management, Mobility Management, Infotainment, Driver Assistance and Well-being.

These European startups are:

  • 25ways (Germany): A provider-independent mobility platform that encourages behavioral changes towards sustainable mobility options.
  • 2hire (Italy): 2hire’s technology acts as a gateway enabling the interaction and both standard parameters and non-standard parameters reading.
  • Anadue (Ireland): An analytics platform to help Connected Car Service Providers to maximize the value of their real-time data.
  • BeNomad (France): A navigation software tailored to helping companies manage their mobile resources as effectively as possible.
  • Better World (France): Better World collects feedback from customers, analyzes the data and shares it with car-making businesses.
  • Capricode (Finland): Cyber security of connected vehicles in form of automated updates and configurations.
  • Discoperi (Spain): Discoperi develops System Eye, able to prevent roads accidents and monetize automotive data, thanks to its built Discoperi Blockchain Protocol.
  • Drivvisor (Spain): An app-based driving monitoring system that uses the front camera of a smartphone to perform driver distraction and fatigue detection while driving.
  • Go To-U  (Ukraine): An app for drivers to book the charging EV station at the most convenient time.
  • Journify (Spain): A carpooling app for daily commutes, such as going to work or to school.
  • Mappo (Israel): A geo-culture content layer created by an algorithm.The geo-culture content combined of texts, music, TV and AR.
  • Micocar (Spain): An app to save 10% to 50% on all taxi rides. An efficient marketplace where ride prices are calculated according to supply and demand.
  • Newport IMS (France): A vocal companion providing in-car mobility services and products.
  • Ozone Drive (Spain): A tech-based EV car-sharing solutions to address the zero-emissions mobility challenges as an optimized way of transportation.
  • Parquery (Switzerland): Parquery analyzes images from any camera to detect objects and provide parking managers with real-time answers.
  • Safemode (Israel): SafeMode profiles driver behaviour using Big Data & AI algorithms based on behavioral economics techniques.
  • Secmotic Innovation (Spain): An awareness and safety system for work zone invasion that increases safety and controls accessibility in temporary working areas of roads.
  • X-Motion (France): An app that leverages artificial intelligence and smartphone sensors to provide predictive analytics for driving behaviour and vehicle management.

Click on this link to download the programme and the press release.

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731343”. Bandera de la Unión Europea y logo <IMPACT> Connected Car

New info session about H2020 project Connected Car

Impact Connected Car, Looking for top connected car, startups & SMES. Apply now


Within the framework of the project <IMPACT> Connected Car, CTAG, as responsible of the Spanish Hub, in collaboration with Sanjotec Business and Technology Center, has carried out a workshop to promote the 2nd Open Call within entrepreneurs of Oporto.

CTAG speaker, ICCAR october 20C

<IMPACT> Connected Car supports innovative SMEs (focused on products and services for connected car) with up to EUR 60.000 equity free, and offers also technical and business coaching and international promotion.

During the event on October 2nd in S. João da Madeira, CTAG has attended entrepreneurs and SMEs at <IMPACT> Connected Car stand. Later, CTAG has presented details from second Open Call and has participated in the networking session.

This event has been possible thanks to the collaboration of PortusPark (Science and Technology Parks and Incubators), collaborator of CTAG for dissemination fields in Portugal.

The 2nd Open Call is open until October 18th at 17h CET. Apply here.

Further information at  iccar@ctag.com or +34 986 900 300 (ext. 1474)


<IMPACT> Connected Car is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant agreement No. 731343



CTAG participates in the ITS World Congress 2018

Representantes de CTAG participando en el ITS World Congress 2018.

Representatives of CTAG have participated in the 25th edition of the ITS World Congress, a worldwide reference event in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems. This congress, organised by Ertico, took place from 17 to 21 September in Copenhagen, where more than 2,000 professionals gathered to discuss the latest advances in intelligent, multimodal, integrated and sustainable transport.

The event had more than 150 technical and scientific sessions, as well as exhibitions, workshops and demonstrations of organisations from around the world. CTAG participated in two technical sessions. Diego Bernárdez, head of the Connectivity Department, gave a presentation on the activities of the CEF C-Roads Spain project, which aims to accelerate the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in Spain. For his part, Diego Rodríguez, Coordinator of the R & D Project Management Area, presented the results of CTAG’s participation in the H2020 project <IMPACT> Connected Car with a paper entitled “Promoting value chain innovations in the emerging ‘Connected Car ‘industry: ICCar approach “.



Proxecto cofinanciado polo Igape, Xunta de Galicia e o Fondo Europeo d eDesenvolvemento Rexional do programa operativo 2014-2020

CTAG finished the first round of info days on H2020 Connected Car project

<IMPACT> Connected Car Looking for TOP Connected Car Startups & SMES, apply now

Within the framework of the <IMPACT> Connected Car project, CTAG, as responsible of the Spanish Hub, in collaboration with PSA Groupe, one of the partners of the project, has carried out the first dissemination events.

<IMPACT> Connected Car supports innovative SMEs (focused on products and services for connected car) with up to EUR 60,000 equity free, and offers also technical and business coaching and international promotion.

At the first Info Day at CTAG headquarters on November 28th, companies had the opportunity to hold bilateral meetings with the project team.

For those companies that missed the Galician event, a second customized session was organized in collaboration with ITS Spain at its headquarters in Madrid on December 4th.

The last Info Day of this round, coordinated with PortusPark (Science and Technology Parks and Incubators) in Sanjotec (Business and Technology Center) in S. João da Madeira, was on December 12th, where great interest among innovative Portuguese SMEs has been generated.

In this sense, CTAG is committed to continue organizing new events to reach the largest number of innovative SMEs interested in applying to <IMPACT> Connected Car calls.

Further information at h2020@ctag.com or +34 986 900 300 (ext. 1474)

<IMPACT> Connected Car Meeting
<IMPACT> Connected Car is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant agreement No. 731343