Autonomous, smart and connected mobility

R&D&I and technological solutions for the mobility of the future

Autonomous driving

In the coming years, autonomous driving is expected to play a key role in the evolution of mobility, completely changing the current paradigm and improving road safety, comfort and driving efficiency.

For over 18 years, CTAG has considered this area of research as one of the most relevant in its strategy. It carries out R&D projects both internally as CTAG's own commitment, and at national and European level, participating in collaborative programmes, such as the 7th Framework Programme, Horizon 2020, CEF or Horizon Europe.

Smart Mobility

Technological evolution, demographic and social changes, as well as growing environmental concerns are redefining mobility, boosting technologies such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles and alternative propulsion systems, and promoting new transport solutions such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS), all under the premise of reducing emissions and improving environmental efficiency.

Companies involved in the mobility and transport sector must adapt their way of working and their services to this new paradigm. In this context, CTAG started working in recent years on the development of new mobility systems aligned with the existing needs for change, applying a holistic vision that includes connected and autonomous transport models and increasingly smart and technological infrastructure solutions.

The objective is not only to offer differentiated services to end users, but also to support new electric, autonomous and connected vehicles and to optimise the use of existing infrastructure.


Connectivity emerges as a fundamental aspect in this transformation of mobility, offering opportunities to improve efficiency, safety, sustainability and user experience in the mobility of the future. Research into new communication technologies, the development of advanced services and the interaction between the vehicle and other mobility actors (vehicles, infrastructure, cloud, other users...) are strategic pillars for CTAG.

UX and HMI

The user experience, and thus the interfaces between the vehicle and the different vehicle users, are key elements for the success of new mobility solutions, including the autonomous and connected vehicle.

CTAG has a team specialised in the definition, development, prototyping and evaluation of UX and HMI solutions for the different use cases and scenarios associated with new driving contexts.