Bench design

Construction of specific benches for any type of testing

CTAG is one of the few centres specialised in this field

Test benches to the development of experimentation platforms, prototyping and simulation of vehicle components exposed to various fatigue and durability loads.

We monitor and rigorously verify the entire testing process of a part or component for the successful design, manufacture and start-up of new test benches.


Specification definition




Material acquisition




Test Execution

Either at our facilities or on-site at the client's location

A specialised team

Since our inception, we have had a team dedicated to the development and automation of tests according to international standards, manufacturer specifications or specific requirements.

Our engineers are responsible for requirement analysis, sensor and drive selection, electrical and mechanical design, integration, programming, assembly, test execution and result processing.

Types of benches

  • Mechanical tests: reproduction of the functional characteristics of the component.
  • Laboratory simulation of wear and tear of automobile components.
  • Electrical tests: laboratory simulation of the operation of electrical and electronic components under different conditions and analysis of their response.

Case studies

This experience allows us to have a team of professionals trained in taking measurements in complex environments, capable of supporting our clients at all stages of the measurement process of any parameter:

  • Selection of sensors, measurement systems and data recording systems.
  • Installation and assembly of instrumentation (strain gauges, stress, pressure, acceleration and temperature sensors, etc).
  • Measurement at the desired location..
  • Data processing and presentation of results .

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