Test tracks

We count with several types of tracks for the preparation and execution of tests

In-vehicle EE validation

Our services include: validation plan definition, validation tool development, test preparation and execution, data analysis and reporting.

ADAS/AD low-mid speed test track

Main features:

  • Urban area with intersections and traffic lights
  • Confidential offices and pits on the test track
  • 160 m straight line
  • 8 parking spaces
  • Track oval length: 450 m
  • Lane width: 3.5 m
  • Curvature radius: North-45 m, South-20 m
  • 90 m diameter lake
  • 5 m high surrounding fencing to guarantee the confidentiality of the tests

ADAS and high-speed AD test track

Main features:

  • Confidential offices and pits on the test track
  • More than 6 ha of asphalted land
  • Motorway stages
  • 3 and 6 lane straights lines
  • Junction scenarios
  • EuroNCAP AEB/LSS testing possible


  • Driving robots
  • Data logging tools
  • Euro NCAP mobile pedestrian and bicycle
  • Multi-vendor reference systems
  • ADAS-approved mobile platforms
  • Scenario recreation tools
  • Euro NCAP Targets and crawl system for AEB
  • Optical barrier speed measurement system
  • Different solutions for measurement and data acquisition
  • Differential GPS base station and receiver with DGPS-RTK technology
  • Soft targets and tailor-made tools for specific tests
  • Customised tools for test monitoring and vehicle data collection


Technical information

In-vehicle testing