Environmental commitment

We integrate sustainable practices into every process

Environmental responsibility

Environmental management and its success within the organisation requires the commitment and involvement of all stakeholders.

At CTAG/CTAG-IDIADA, the guidelines on environmental care and the responsible use of resources in the execution of the activities carried out, originate from the top management. This is reflected both in our environmental policy and in the objectives that are set internally on an annual basis.

Commitment to sustainability

The installation of 578 solar panels in 2022 is a measure that reflects the organisation's commitment to sustainability which, together with the reduction of its carbon footprint by 125 tonnes of CO2 per year, represents a 6% energy reduction.

This clean, renewable energy infrastructure will enable us to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources and reduce our environmental impact.

Environmental management

In this line of involvement and commitment, CTAG/CTAG-IDIADA has documented, among others, a procedure on the identification and evaluation of environmental aspects, related to the activities it carries out. This procedure identifies all aspects, including those over which it has no influence.

For those aspects over which it does have an influence and which, according to the evaluation criteria, give a significant value, actions are established on the basis of:

  • Objectives
  • Needs for change
  • Analysis of the risks that these may generate, always aimed at their reduction and continuous improvement.