Passive safety

Experts in simulation and testing of restraint systems

Continuous support to the automotive sector

We offer continuous support to the automotive sector in meeting standards and customer specifications. This support and guidance is supported by coordinated work between virtual simulation and laboratory tests.

R&D and Innovation

Our technical team has extensive experience in supporting both the integration of vehicle restraint systems and the development of vehicle components.

CTAG participates in work teams for the creation of new test procedures in the field of passive safety and occupant protection.

It also participates in collaborative projects and in the internal development of new numerical and physical simulation methodologies, with the aim of optimizing the development of restraint system elements.

CAE support
Virtual simulations for:
  • Impact phenomenon and protection of occupants and pedestrians.
  • Integration of restraint systems: Front, Side, Whiplash, Child Restraint Systems (CRS), and others.
  • Knee Impact and Knee Mapping (Euro NCAP)
  • Subsystem test correlations
Laboratory tests
At CTAG we offer a wide range of tests to obtain homologation certificates and for the evaluation of components and vehicles.
Catapult test:
  • Frontal impact
  • Side impact (own methodology)
  • Low-speed rear impact (Whiplash Euro NCAP)
  • Knee-mapping (Euro NCAP)
  • Far Side sled testing (Euro NCAP)
  • Occupant to Occupant (own methodology)
  • Inertia on components with or without dummies
Subsystem tests:
  • Knee impact
  • High speed intrusion (instrument panel, foot pedals, glove box, B-pillar, etc.)
  • Door panel (DTT: Door Trim dynamic Test)
  • Guided free-fall impact (B-pillar, door panel, pedal board, etc.)
Dynamic testing and regulations
  • Belts: ECE-R16
  • Indoor impact: ECE-R21, FMVSS 201
  • Seats and head restraints: ECE-R17 (ENAC 17025 accreditation), ECE-R25, FMVSS 202)
  • Steering column/steering wheels: ECE-R12, FMVSS 203
  • Locks: ECE-R11
  • Child restraint system ECE-R44, ECE-R129
Other services:
  • Impact characterization of materials
  • CAE support and test correlation
  • Static seat measurement (different protocols)
  • Design and construction of test equipment
  • OOP "Out of Position" testing