Innovative Materials

Our 17 patents in this field reflect the extensive experience of this team of researchers

Advanced materials research and engineering

Since our beginnings, at CTAG we have been working on the development of new materials with high added value and their transformation processes for their application in the automotive sector.

Advanced materials research and engineering plays an important role in the development of new vehicle concepts, where new materials are sought for improved performance, weight reduction, cost efficiency, safety, comfort and sustainability.

Strategic lines

CTAG's Innovative Materials team carries out research on new materials in the following strategic lines:

Wellness is a concept that goes beyond the mere feeling of comfort to a full sensory experience at all levels. Only in a pure and safe environment can this level of wellness be achieved.
At CTAG we work from our Innovative Materials area to achieve this desired physical-mental state inside the vehicle cabin.
Systems development and integration
We have a large team with the knowledge and facilities to integrate and test multiple types of innovative systemsand create prototypes.
We carry out the entire process, from the generation of the idea to the construction of mock-ups.
New forms of propulsion, such as fully electric vehicles, will undoubtedly be part of the solution to the environmental impact caused by means of transport.
This environmental impact is a global problem that needs to be addressed by taking into account different aspects, such as reducing the consumption of resources, reducing the weight of the car, using renewable materials or promoting the reuse and recycling of every part of the vehicle at the end of its life.
Advanced manufacturing processes
Innovation in new materials cannot be separated from innovation in manufacturing means: at CTAG we have the necessary facilities and a highly qualified team for the development and optimisation of the different advanced manufacturing processes.

Circular Economy

The circular economy represents a paradigm shift towards sustainability, by trying to reduce, reuse or eliminate waste. CTAG contributes to this goal in different ways:

Recycled and reprocessing

Our prototyping laboratory allows us to carry out complete studies of the recyclability of different polymers.

Waste reduction

We investigate how to reduce defective components and waste through quality analysis.

Performance evaluation

We help in decision making thanks to our experience and capacity for carrying out tests.

Reuse and remanufacturing

We look for ways to give a second life to components that are usually discarded at the end of a vehicle's life.