Technology consultancy

Development, research, and technological innovation

We seek technological innovation

Our mission is to contribute to enhancing companies competitiveness by incorporating new technologies and driving development, research, and technological innovation.

The R&D and Innovation Consulting team is made up of specialists in technical and management disciplines, who work both on the definition and structuring of projects and on monitoring their execution.

In this line, CTAG, as partner in technology, offers companies in the automotive sector all its experience and capabilities to advise and strengthen them in their R&D and Innovation needs and activities.

Main lines of action in this field

European Projects Office

CTAG has a European Projects Office in charge of promoting and boosting its participation in international R&D and Innovation programmes, mainly in the European Horizon Europe framework programme. Its objective is to contribute with its experience and capabilities to the development of the technologies that will define the mobility of the future, from an approach of open and collaborative innovation with other actors in the R&D ecosystem, especially with the companies in the surrounding area.

The office provides support in the phases of:

  • Definition, preparation and presentation of proposals
  • Search for collaborators and formation of consortia
  • Monitoring and management of approved projects

Since its creation, the center has participated in more than 100 projects approved in different European programs: R&D Framework Program (Horizon Europe, H2020, FP7), CEF – Connecting Europe Facility, INTERREG (POCTEP and SUDOE), EIT.

Protection and transfer of results

CTAG also has an Office of Knowledge Transfer through which the results achieved by CTAG researchers and technicians in internal R&D projects are valued; knowledge that is transferred to the companies with which it collaborates in the joint development of new products and services. The center protects, through patents or other industrial property titles, the inventions it generates, either individually or as a result of collaboration with companies (in which case ownership is shared). In total, CTAG has already generated more than 125 patents.

R&D Consultancy

CTAG has extensive expertise in managing R&D and Innovation activities - backed by its internal R&D and Innovation management system certified under the UNE 166002 standard - and which it makes available to the entities with which it collaborates through technological consulting with high added value. In this way, it is possible to define medium- and long-term R&D and innovation strategies for the development of cutting-edge technologies, considering the identification of public R&D and innovation programmes that enable their funding, both at regional and national level.

Business Intelligence

As part of its R&D and innovation management system, CTAG also has a Business Intelligence system through which it monitors the most relevant trends in mobility, and which serves to provide feedback on the strategic orientation of its activities. More than 50 Business Intelligence bulletins are produced annually, as well as ad-hoc competitive intelligence reports.