CTAG's product development team designs components and modules by performing various tasks

Design, simulation and validation of components and modules

CTAG has the most advanced and well-known 3D design tools in the automotive sector. Its know-how and experience, which includes knowledge of the manufacturing technologies of most of the components used in the automotive industry, are key to achieving advanced designs for new components.

Product design
  • 3D design with CAD tools
  • FMEA: failure mode and effect analysis
  • Support in the search for new materials and optimal material selection (evaluation of replacement of metal parts by plastic parts)
  • Quality assurance
  • Design adapted to environmental considerations - Ecodesign
  • Benchmarking
  • Reverse engineering
  • Design validation: calculation tools, rapid prototyping and testing (consult the corresponding sections).
Media design: moulds, tooling and manufacturing patterns
  • Design of means of manufacture, control and testing
  • Support for the design of injection moulds
  • Simulation of the injection and stamping process with the possibility of analysing and advising on both part design and mould design.
  • Injection tests and mould set-up: CTAG has a   350 t clamping force Engel injection moulding machine without columns.
Expertise in innovative plastic materials
Alternative solutions based on renewable, lightweight, high-performance and intelligent materials.