Electric vehicle

State-of-the-art facilities for the development and validation of new engines

Specific laboratory for electric and hybrid vehicles

The EV LAB, equipped with the most advanced technologies and safety systems, is CTAG's commitment to promote research and development into new, more sustainable propulsion systems.

EV Lab

Electric Powertrain

Test bench for complete tensile chain - e-Axle:

  • Characterisation and performance
  • Calibration and control
  • Reliability and durability
  • From Road-to-Lab

System simulation:

  • Powertrain Sizing
  • Simulation of virtual control algorithms

Vibration tests – eMAST

Multi-axial vibration combined with thermal and electrical durability.

Battery instrumentation and characterisation laboratory

  • Electrical, thermal and mechanical instrumentation
  • Static and dynamic capacity test
  • Self-discharge test
  • State of charge evaluation
  • Internal resistance measurement
  • Electrical insulation measurement
  • Repair and internal inspection of batteries

Electrical testing laboratory

  • Energy Efficiency Test
  • Electrical life cycle test
  • Combined electrical and refrigerant cycle test

Environmental and electrical combined testing laboratory

  • High/low temperature storage test
  • High/Low Temperature Operational Test
  • Combined electrical and thermal/mechanical life test

Abuse Lab

  • Thermal Propagation
  • Crush test
  • Drop test
  • External short circuit

Storage / quarantine

  • Storage of new and tested battery packs
  • Post-test quarantine
  • Preparation of packs for shipment



Electric Vehicle Lab