Autonomous and connected vehicle

Research, development and validation in the CCAM field (Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility)

Autonomous vehicle

The increasing difficulty of moving and driving in large cities, accompanied by the exponential growth of the urban population, necessitates an evolution of the concept of the automobile and invites exploration of new transportation systems that do not require the intervention of a human driver.

Autonomous driving is transforming mobility, providing greater comfort and efficiency to driving and making roads safer. All vehicle manufacturers are embarked on the development of these types of solutions, which signify the arrival of the vehicle of tomorrow.

At CTAG, we have been working in the field of intelligent and automated vehicles for more than 15 years, as the path towards an automated and autonomous vehicle is an unstoppable reality.


The launch in 2014 of the Center for Electronics for Intelligent Vehicles has allowed for an additional boost, by providing us with new cutting-edge facilities that enable a comprehensive development of innovative solutions in the fields of driver assistance systems, automated driving systems, connectivity systems, technologies to improve the efficiency of propulsion systems, intelligent infrastructures, and new HMI (Human-Machine Interface) concepts.

UX and HMI

Style, aesthetics, and harmony of form are key factors in the sale of automobiles and other products. CTAG has the expert human team and all the necessary tools to create products that are attractive to people from concepts.

  • Development and evaluation of the HMI concept
  • Concept, prototyping, and HMI integration
  • Onboard validation technology and study of user behavior in the Dynamic Driving Simulator, test tracks, and road tests.
CTAG has a laboratory consisting of a multidisciplinary team of professionals in Engineering, Ergonomics, Psychology, Physiotherapy, and Biomechanics. It has the most advanced technology to respond to concerns from different sectors (industrial, services, administration, etc.).

Lines of action

The Electronics and Intelligent Mobility Division of CTAG has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to research, development, and validation projects in the field of autonomous vehicles, addressing the following lines of action:

  • Sensing and perception
  • High precision positioning systems
  • Connectivity technologies and intelligent infrastructures
  • High-definition digital maps
  • Onboard computing units
  • Artificial intelligence-based algorithms
  • Development of automated driving functions at their different levels (partial automation and full automation) and types of scenarios (parking, highway, urban environment, rural environment, etc.)
  • HMI and user experience
  • Virtual and physical validation