Specialisation in plastic components, textiles and cables

Our expert team carries out specific tests on components or parts according to the standards or specifications of the final manufacturer

The laboratory carries out specific tests on components or parts in accordance with the end manufacturer's standards or specifications. Laboratory specialised in plastic, textile and cable components.

Main tests carried out

Physical analysis
Mechanical Characterization
  • Tensile, bending and compression properties
  • Manoeuvring forces, sliding, stiffness, etc.
  • Charpy impact resistance
  • Adhesives: shear, peel strength (180º and 90º)
  • Textiles: tear resistance
  • Shock resistance in plastics ( room temperature and cold)
  • Falling resistance
  • Shore hardness A and D (plastics and rubbers)
  • Persoz hardness (Paints)
Aspect evaluation
  • Visual colour camera comparison
  • Colour and gloss measurement
Aspect tests
  • Abrasion resistance (Martindale, MIE, Crockmeter, and others)
  • Resistance to graveling
  • Paint adhesion (grid cut, St. Andrew's cross)
  • Scratch resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals (immersion, drop test, wetting test, and others)
Emissions of indoor materials
  • Fogging test
  • Volatility
  • Odour intensity
Fire resistance - Horizontal flammability Resistance to water immersion, saturated atmosphere, temperature, and others. Electrical cable testing
  • Electrical resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • High temperature pressure
  • Insulation adhesion
  • Cold winding
  • Cold Shock
  • Abrasion resistance

Main laboratory resources

  • Universal tensile testing machine with built-in climatic chamber and video tensile tester (10 kN)
  • Universal testing machine (10 t)
  • Shore A and D hardness tester
  • Colourimeter and glossmeter
  • Colour comparison chamber
  • 63x electronic magnifier
  • Coating thickness gauge
  • Gravel resistance tester
  • Equipment for the measurement of volatiles (fogging test, volatility)
  • Coating hardness tester - Persoz pendulum, Erichsen Pencil
  • Horizontal combustion chamber
  • Abrasion testers (Martindale, Crockmeter, rotary abrasion)
  • Cold shock testing equipment
  • Ovens (up to 400 ºC)
  • Scales
  • Cable testing equipment according to ISO 6722 (abrasion tester, insulation adhesion, cold shock, etc.)
  • Electrical test equipment (megaohmmeter, microhmmeter, multitester, nanovoltmeter, precision low-current source, etc.)