Wide variety of climatic tests, both for complete vehicles and specific components

Environmental testing laboratories

Reproducing extreme environmental conditions is essential to determine the reliability and performance of a vehicle. The climatic chambers are capable of controlling various environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity, radiation level, corrosion, among others, enabling accelerated aging to be carried out in the laboratory.

In CTAG's environmental testing laboratories we count with experience in the management of complete validations, on automotive components, subsystems, or complete vehicles.

Some of our laboratory services are:

  • Cyclic tests of temperature and humidity combined with radiation and reproduction of the effects of external agents
  • Solar radiation tests combined with temperature, humidity, fatigue, and other variables
  • Corrosion tests
  • Light aging tests (Weather-Ometer)
  • Thermal shock tests with sudden temperature changes on components
  • Tests combined with vibration aging
  • Durability studies under specific climatic conditions
  • Environmental stability and uniformity studies in temperature, humidity and radiation
  • Collaboration in projects for the development of new materials for the automotive sector, studies on different sources of infrared radiation, among others

Environmental Laboratory Facilities

  • Full-vehicle climatic chambers with solar radiation system
  • Walk-in climatic test chambers
  • Climatic test chambers combined with vibration benches
  • Thermal shock test chambers
  • Climatic test chamber with solar radiation simulation according to DIN 75220 standard
  • Corrosion test chamber
  • IP tightness testing equipment
  • Equipment for static airbag deployment tests


Technical information

Vehicle environmental chamber with solar radiation system