Metrology laboratory

CTAG's Metrology Laboratory, with ENAC accreditation since 2007, carries out part controls, tool verification and capacity studies using various metrological control technologies.

With highly qualified, trained and experienced technical staff, CTAG offers a wide range of metrological services, always focused on quality, customer service and continuous improvement.

Methods of measurement
  • Contact metrology using fixed three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines and portable measuring arms.
  • Optical metrology using artificial vision equipment.
  • Digitising of surfaces by laser scanning.
  • Metrology and 3D deformation analysis using photogrammetry.

Metrology Services

  • Metrology by CMM according to ENAC ISO 17025 accredited internal method.
  • Metrology by CMM according to internal method not accredited.
  • Metrology using 3D arm in CTAG or customer facilities.
  • Optical metrology using an artificial vision measuring machine with or without ENAC accreditation.
  • Performance of capacity studies for batches of parts in the various techniques described.
  • Metrology/Digitalisations for validations, reverse engineering and deformation analysis by scanning surfaces and portable 3D arms with the latest generation of integrated laser scanners or by photogrammetry.
  • Technicians can travel to the customer's premises to operate their measuring equipment.
  • Offline or on-site programming according to customer specifications, using metrological contact software PCDMIS, Metrolog and Silma.
  • Training in applied metrology using the software and equipment described.
  • Active licences for the latest versions of PCDMIS, Metrolog, Polyworks, CMM Manager and Aikon 3D Studio software.
  • Programming and integration by means of robotised non-contact measurement system (OPTIGO 10 photogrammetry and CogniTens WLS400A white light optical equipment).
  • Programming and integration using ATOS ScanBox robotic non-contact measurement system, using GOM Inspect Pro + Automation VMR (photogrammetry + blue light).