Fatigue and durability

Complete laboratory for testing using benches, climatic chambers and other instruments

Fatigue and durability

The structural integrity of a vehicle is a crucial factor in determining its operational life, so producing reliable and durable vehicles and components is a constant challenge for manufacturers.

Consumers' safety concerns and their demands for quality materials and improved vehicle performance are increasing.

To meet this level of industry demand, multiple validation tests are required for vehicles entering the market.

Fatigue tests are carried out on vehicles and their components, which must be able to withstand the usual mechanical loads they receive throughout their life cycle.

Fatigue and durability tests

  • Tests on any kind of component or part, sub-assembly or complete vehicle, both at ambient temperature and under controlled climatic conditions.
  • Regulatory tests:
    • European regulations: ECE 11, ECE 14, ECE 17 and ECE 145
    • American regulations: FMVSS 202a, 207, 210, 216 and 225
    • Others: ADR34, GS38 and 39, among others
  • Pulsating pressure fatigue tests.
  • Impact and intrusion tests, with high-speed camera filming
  • Mechanical characterisation tests, resistance to breakage, and others
  • Flexibility and adaptation of the means/benches to the test to be carried out
  • Design of tests, for the search for failure and comparative solutions
  • The laboratory has ENAC ISO 17025 accreditations and accreditations from different vehicle manufacturers.

Fatigue and Durability Laboratory Means

  • Servo-hydraulic benches: simultaneous operation of up to 16 cylinders, displacement or load control and any type of fatigue or characterisation signal.
    • Cylinders that reach speeds of up to 1.6 m/s and forces of 100 kN.
    • Ability to perform multiaxial tests and reproduction of temporal signals using RPC.
  • Instrumentation with strain gauges.
  • Dedicated test benches for regulatory testing: ECE 11, ECE 14, ECE 17, among others.
  • Pneumatic benches: specific for pedalboard tests.
  • Fatigue tests under climatic conditions (suitable for testing any type of plastic component).
  • Possibility of building specific benches for any type of parts or testing.


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