Reliability and mechatronics

Physical tests under different mechanical, chemical and climatic loads

Reliability lab

Automotive electrical systems must successfully pass a set of tests to certify their validity and to demonstrate that they will meet all functionality and safety requirements.

The electrical and electronic components of a car must withstand the life cycle of the vehicle while maintaining its functionality, safety and user satisfaction requirements.

To demonstrate the reliability of components, they are submitted to a series of physical tests that simulate the mechanical, climatic, electrical or chemical loads that the component will have to withstand during its use depending on its location in the vehicle.

CTAG is responsible for the execution of these physical tests, the simulation of the component's environment (communications, related loads, fastenings, etc.) and the drafting of the specific test plan.


This is the ability of a device, machine or system to perform its function for a certain period of time under given conditions. To demonstrate this capabilities, CTAG submits electrical and electronic components to physical tests under different mechanical, chemical and climatic loads.

  • Functional testing
  • Physical and electrical variable monitoring
  • Electrical loads
  • Climatic loads
  • Mechanical loads
  • Chemical loads
  • IP index
  • Life Cycle Tests